Kate Middleton was ‘bullied’ at school and said she ‘absolutely despised it.’


Kate Middleton was bullied at school, and she ‘absolutely despised it.’

In a throwback interview, a school friend claimed that KATE MIDDLETON was bullied as a teenager and “absolutely hated” her time at boarding school.

The Duchess of Cambridge joined year 8 students in a science lesson about neuroscience and the effects of early childhood development on the brain this morning at a north London secondary school.

Kate was one of 27 students at Nower Hill High School, a 2000-student, mixed-ability comprehensive school.

The students were reviewing what they’d learned as part of an Oxford University program aimed at instilling key concepts in early childhood development and neuroscience in students.

The subject is intertwined with the Duchess’s own royal work.

Kate founded The Royal Foundation Centre for Early Childhood earlier this year, and has spent much of her royal life researching how early childhood experiences affect the developing brain.

Kate’s time at school, however, was reportedly marred by bullying when she was a similar age to today’s students.

Kate was allegedly singled out at the prestigious Downe House girls boarding school in Berkshire because “she was perfect.”

Jessica Hay, a school friend of the Duchess, told the News of the World in 2010 that she “hated it, absolutely hated it.”

“There were some horrible girls there.”

“She was singled out because she was flawless, well-dressed, and a lovely person.

“She wasn’t the type to defend herself.”

When Kate was 13, the Middletons withdrew her from school in the middle of the year and enrolled her at Marlborough College, where she finished her education.

She went on to the University of St Andrews after Malborough, where she met and lived with Prince William, whom she would marry in 2011.

In royal expert Katie Nicholl’s book ‘Kate: The Future Queen,’ another of Kate’s Downe House classmates opened up about the Duchess of Cambridge’s difficult time at the competitive all-girls school.

“Everyone wanted to be the best, the fittest, the prettiest,” Emma Sayle, who was four years Kate’s senior, said.

“From the beginning, I believe Kate was unhappy.

“I think it was a very cliquey school with a lot of pressure,” she says.

Kate’s former headmistress, on the other hand, stated in a statement that she was unaware of any “serious bullying” during Kate’s time at the school.

Susan Cameron, with whom she had a meeting.

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