Kate Middleton isn’t being overshadowed while William and Kate’s marriage being scrutinized.


Kate Middleton isn’t being overshadowed while William and Kate’s marriage being scrutinized.

A behavioural expert reportedly said that minor distinctions in body language between Kate Middleton and Prince William reveal who in the relationship wears the pants.

According to reports, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are “seriously considering” packing their belongings and relocating to Windsor.

Prince William and his wife Kate are rumored to be looking at homes in the Windsor region for their three children, Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis. If the relocation goes through, the Cambridges will reside closer to the Queen, who prefers Windsor Castle over Buckingham Palace.

Upon her return from Balmoral, where she is spending her traditional summer vacation, Her Majesty intends to make Windsor her permanent home.

According to a Mail on Sunday insider, William and Kate are ready to take on a more important role within the Royal Family.

A body language specialist observed small distinctions in the couple’s behavior that revealed who ruled the roost.

“Although royal protocol meant Kate first appeared as a royal-in-waiting, walking behind William and keeping a low profile, her body language signals after their marriage did begin to suggest that she was very quietly the one with the very solid levels of social confidence, while William’s signals could fluctuate between dominant to an underlying tendency to social anxiety,” Judi James told Fabulous.

“Kate appears to be very comfortable taking the lead, while William appears to be content to sit back and watch her.

“Unlike his father, who was supposed to be envious of Diana when she became a royal superstar, William appears to be at ease now, while Kate continues to lead but not eclipse him, indicating that they remain a well-balanced duo.”

When they’re out in public, the duo is a sight to behold, but Ms James noticed a distinction between the two.

His hands crossed over his body in a “self-protective fig-leaf stance” “hints significantly at some social timidity.”

“His head is likewise down here, and his smile looks sky,” Ms James continued.

“Kate has always perfectly complimented these nonverbal characteristics, either imitating them or engaging more boldly herself to put William at ease.”

Ms James was also made aware of the family portrait taken during the Clap For Our Carers segment of BBC’s Big Night In broadcast last year.

“Little Charlotte might have been the one to walk out and.”Brinkwire Summary News,” she stated at the time.


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