Kate Middleton has been hailed for her “amazing” treatment of a young cancer sufferer.


Kate Middleton has been hailed for her “amazing” treatment of a young cancer sufferer.

Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, has been commended for her treatment of a five-year-old girl with cancer, which has been described as “very compassionate and considerate.”

Mila Sneddon, of Falkirk, was diagnosed with leukemia last year and underwent extensive chemotherapy to fight the disease. As a result, during the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, the kid was compelled to shield. Her mother, Lynda, captured her kissing her father via a window during the lockdown.

Scott, Mila’s father, had to go to work and was frightened of infecting his daughter with the deadly illness, so he had to live apart from his family.

Shielding Mila was one of 100 pictures included in the Duchess of Cambridge’s book Hold Still: A Portrait of Our Nation, which will be released in 2020.

Kate, 39, later spoke over the phone with Mila before seeing her for tea at Holyrood in May of this year.

Hello! asked Lynda about it. article about how the Duchess’ compassionate and considerate personality touched her.

She stated, “I can’t express how fantastic the Duchess of Cambridge has been.”

“She was incredibly kind and caring.

“The way she spoke to Mila gave me a strong sense of her being a mother.

“Despite the problems posed by the Covid limitations and the need to wear masks, she stated that she wanted to give Mila a big hug.”

Mila attended her Holyrood meeting with Kate wearing a little crown and matching pink shoes.

The Duchess of Cambridge, for her part, kept her commitment to wear Mila’s favorite color, pink.

Kate donned a ME+EM silk shirt dress with pleated detailing and a dipped midi hemline, as well as tan heels and a flowery face covering.

“It was a fantastic experience and we were really well taken care of and memories that we’ll keep for a lifetime,” Lynda remarked after the rendezvous in an interview with Lorraine Today.

“It was such a bizarre event, and the fact that we were seated as their guests was just fantastic, and it was greatly appreciated. following a tumultuous period.”


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