Kate had to ‘prove herself’ as a royal, so the Royal Family devised a unique plan.


Kate had to ‘prove herself’ as a royal, so the Royal Family devised a unique plan.

When Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, entered the Royal Family, she followed a different strategic strategy than previous royal brides.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, unlike her late mother-in-law Princess Diana, was eased into royal life when she joined the Firm in 2011. When Princess Diana married Prince Charles at the age of 19, she was thrust to the forefront of Royal Family life. The royals, on the other hand, altered tactics with Kate, allowing her to gradually adjust to her new, very different role.

Joe Little, managing editor of Majesty magazine, spoke with Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi on Royally US.

“I think the fact that she did things very gently,” Mr Little said when asked how Kate showed herself and what makes her a terrific team member.

“In the past, when Diana first appeared on the scene, she instantly pushed herself—or was thrown into—royal duties, with variable results.”

“There was no true template; things went well sometimes and horribly badly other times.”

“I believe a lot of lessons were learned from the experience.”

“Kate was extremely gradual, she appeared occasionally,” he remarked.

“She was actually William’s wife for the first few years, rather than a working member of the Royal Family.”

“She became more selective in the duties she took on and the charities with which she became involved.”

“With the causes that mean so much to her, we now see her performing to a very high standard.”

The Duchess is currently the royal patron of 19 patronages. The majority of these, according to reports, are centered on family and children, which are causes close to her heart.

While she may have had a slow start, the busy mother of three has earned a reputation as a hard worker, especially after completing 79 engagements in 77 days.

She attended the premiere of the new James Bond flick No Time to Die earlier this week.

Prince William and Kate were joined by Prince Charles and Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall, for the rare joint appearance.

The foursome could be key characters in a “slimmed down monarchy,” as it’s been nicknamed.

The proposal emerged following the family’s difficult recent years, in an effort to save their reputation as well as reduce the number of family members paid by the tax-payer through the Sovereign Grant.


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