Kate faces a royal dilemma when the Duchess of Cambridge steps out following a major BBC snub.


Kate faces a royal dilemma when the Duchess of Cambridge steps out following a major BBC snub.

KATE, Duchess of Cambridge, took part in a neuroscience science lecture with youngsters just hours after it was reported that she and Prince William had blocked the BBC from airing a planned Christmas carol concert.

Kate looked stunning as she arrived to Nower Hill High School in Harrow, Greater London, this morning. This school has been participating in an Oxford University study initiative to see how essential principles of early childhood development might be instilled in students.

The Duchess of Cambridge sat in on a Year 8 science class, brushing up on her neuroscience expertise and the importance of early childhood development.

Kate found the teenagers’ excitement and participation encouraging after participating in activities with them.

The Duchess thanked the youngsters she worked with before leaving the classroom.

Before calling their work “very impressive,” she advised the pupils to keep up their efforts and continue addressing the topic of early learning with their peers.

Kate’s work on the early years and how difficulties later in life, such as addiction, poor mental health, and family breakup, can have their origins in the early years was the focus of this visit.

A decade ago, the Duchess of Cambridge began her early childhood work, cooperating with relevant organisations and working behind the scenes to expand her understanding.

She formed a steering group in May 2018 to look at the link between childhood experiences and adult behavior.

She also ran a successful nationwide poll in January 2020, asking Britons for their thoughts on the early years and the impact that early life experiences can have on adult development.

The results of the poll were then combined with case studies and further research and presented during a Royal Foundation-hosted virtual discussion.

Kate gave the keynote speech during the event, clarifying that her interest in the early years is unrelated to her parenthood.

“While I care deeply about their early years, this ultimately undersells the issue,” she remarked.

“Being a parent isn’t required to appreciate the value of the early years.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says, “If we just expect people to be interested in the early years when they have children, we will be disappointed.”


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