Karren Brady receives a snub from Prince Philip in the form of a rude remark.


Karren Brady receives a snub from Prince Philip in the form of a rude remark.

According to newly discovered stories, KARREN BRADY witnessed firsthand Prince Philip’s brutality and hilarity.

The Duke of Edinburgh was notorious for never holding back his opinions, and he could be both colorful and provocative at times. He died in April of this year, at the age of 99. Philip and the Queen have been married for 73 years, having married in November 1947.

For the first time, Her Majesty is spending her summer vacation in Balmoral without her husband.

Karren Brady is the current vice-chairman of West Ham United. He is possibly best known for his role as Sir Alan Sugar’s adviser on the BBC programme The Apprentice.

She related an instance in which Philip was not scared to express himself.

She recalls being invited to the annual Duke of Edinburgh’s Award ceremony at St James’ Palace in an article for The Sun.

Hundreds of young people had congregated to await the distribution of the diplomas for which they had worked so diligently.

While waiting for the ceremony to begin, Baroness Brady and Philip struck up a conversation.

Later on, she realized her mistakes.

“This was a mistake,” she wrote. Why?

“Because my small chat has always revolved around football, with the assumption that most people have an opinion or at the very least something to say about it.

“However, based on the grimace he pulled half-way through my first phrase, I instantly deduced he wasn’t a fan.”

Mrs Brady persisted in asking if it was true that Her Majesty was a West Ham fan.

“He looked absolutely bewildered and screamed – shouted, actually – “Why on Earth would you believe that?”,” Brady remembered in pure Prince Philip style.

Mrs Brady explained that the London Stadium, the present home of the Hammers, was one of the capital’s few football stadiums, and that Her Majesty had once unveiled a plaque there, justifying her question.

“At this time, his security guard came over, just as Prince Philip was telling me that if the Queen supported every club, team, and stadium where she placed a plaque, she would be a fan of thousands of teams,” she claimed.

“He made a valid point.”

The Queen is rumored to be an Arsenal supporter.

“Now, we know the Queen is absolutely,” Jeremy Corbyn remarked in a 2016 speech in the House of Commons.Brinkwire Summary News


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