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‘Karen’ who ate at same place as teenager who sparked Queensland’s outbreak refuses to stay at home

An anti-vaxxer has refused to get tested and self-isolate despite eating at a venue struck by coronavirus.

An online war has broken out after the Queensland mother announced she would not isolate even though she may have been exposed to COVID-19 at a restaurant attended by Olivia Winnie Muranga and Diana Lasu.

The two 19-year-olds holidayed in Melbourne earlier this month before returning to Brisbane via Sydney on July 21, where they spent eight days socialising at a plethora of venues before both tested positive to COVID-19.

Among the 11 Brisbane and Ipswich venues visited by the infected pair were restaurants, cocktail bars and grocery stores.

Anyone who has visited any of the venues has been told to self-isolate and be tested.

A Facebook post with a list of the eleven locations went viral on Thursday after a woman refused to isolate despite attending one of the venues at the same time as the infected teenagers.

The woman was tagged on the post by a friend who commented ‘we went to that place at that time’.

When told she was required to be tested and isolate, the woman responded: ‘f**k no i (sic) dont (sic) isolate for the flu so wont (sic) for so called COVID’. 

Her response drew outrage in the comments, earning her the term ‘Karen’ – referring to women showing a high level of entitlement – before she claimed she did not ‘believe’ in coronavirus.

‘I have researched the facts and risks and do not for one second believe this crap!’ her second comment reads.

‘Where has this years flu season gone oh thats right they renamed it to COVID where have all the measles outbreaks gone’.

She then revealed she does not vaccinate her children. 

‘I also dont (sic) vaccinate my children and omg they live in fernvale (sic) and walk among you so watch you might catch something they dont have’.

Numerous comments on the post claimed the woman should be reported to the police and Queensland Health authorities.

‘You are no better than the two that bought it into Queensland,’ one comment reads.

Anyone who has visited the following 11 locations has been told to ‘immediately self-quarantine and contact 13 HEALTH’: 

Ms Muranga and Ms Lasu, as well as one of their immediate family members, on Wednesday became the first three cases of coronavirus in the Queensland community since May.

The two teenagers travelled to Victoria with an unidentified friend, whose coronavirus test results have not been released yet.

Queensland Police on Thursday afternoon said three women had been charged with one count each of providing false or misleading documents – in relation to their border quarantine declarations – and fraud.

The women could be fined $13,345 or sent to jail for a maximum of five years.

Police said the trio are cooperating with officers and Queensland Health officials.

The women are in quarantine and will appear in the Brisbane Magistrates Court on September 28.

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