Justin Trudeau is on the verge of losing power, with Canadians mocking him as the “new Theresa May.”


Justin Trudeau is on the verge of losing power, with Canadians mocking him as the “new Theresa May.”

JUSTIN TRUDEAU’S position as Prime Minister of Canada is in jeopardy, with recent polls indicating that his decision to call a quick election in order to obtain a majority government is backfiring – with some seeing parallels with Theresa May’s fatal bet in 2017.

Former UK Prime Minister Theresa May called a “snap” general election in April 2017 in order to bolster her hand in Brexit negotiations, shocking the country because it came just two years after her predecessor David Cameron had won the previous statewide poll. Another general election was not scheduled until 2020 under the Fixed-Term Parliaments Act. Early polls predicted a Tory landslide, with a 20-percentage-point spread between the Conservatives and Labour. However, the Conservatives’ overall majority was wiped out after they lost 13 seats. Now Justin Trudeau is on the verge of following in his footsteps.

Mr. Trudeau, who had been leading most major surveys for more than a year and was well praised for his management of the Covid epidemic, now finds himself in a similar situation, trailing the Conservative Party.

Following a humiliating election in 2019, the 49-year-old now controls a minority government and has called a fast election in an audacious bid to force a greater mandate to lead Canada through the pandemic.

However, a high increase in Covid cases and a slump in the country’s economy have prompted harsh criticism of Mr Trudeau, and many are also dissatisfied with his handling of the Afghanistan issue, after he was accused of overseeing a sluggish evacuation of Canadian citizens and refugees.

Maryam Monsef, the Prime Minister’s gender equality minister, recently stirred outrage by referring to the Taliban as “brothers” during a press briefing about the evacuation efforts.

She attempted to defend her remarks by referring to them as a “cultural reference,” as she was born to Afghan parents.

Last weekend, Mr Trudeau was forced to cease campaigning when unusually loud protestors disrupted his electoral events, demonstrating the growing strain on him.

According to polling firm 338Canada, the Prime Minister’s Liberals have only a 14% chance of gaining a majority in the 2019 election, significantly less than the 34% possibility of a Conservative minority government, which would bring Mr Trudeau’s six years in power to an end.

In recent polls, Canadians have been asked who they are. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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