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Just two percent of Australians are having daily sex, new research from eHarmony reveals

One third of Australians are having sex at least once a week but just two percent are slipping between the sheets every day, new research from eHarmony has revealed.

In a study of the nation’s sexual habits, the dating website discovered that intercourse is not a priority for close to half the country, with 40 percent of those surveyed saying sex does not guarantee a happy relationship.

More than a third believe emotional compatibility directly affects sexual chemistry – supporting the notion that sex with someone you love is better than a one-night stand.

Accurately or otherwise, the majority of Australians rate themselves a six out of 10 in the bedroom and also rank their satisfaction with sex at the same count.

One in three said they would like to sleep with their partner between two and four times a week, while only one in 10 said daily sex would be ideal.  

Differences in gender mindsets were laid bare with one in five men seeing a relationship as a ‘guarantee’ of ‘sex on tap’ compared to one in 10 women. 

Perhaps it’s no wonder that 38 percent of singles said they craved more sex than they are getting compared to 28 percent of people in committed relationships.  

Somewhat unsurprisingly, children were deemed the biggest obstacle to sexual activity, according to over half of couples surveyed.

And when it comes to getting frisky during COVID-19, a third of men and a quarter of women confirmed the pandemic has had a negative impact on their sex lives. 

How frequently do you sleep with your partner?

How frequently do you sleep with your partner?

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eHarmony dating expert Sharon Draper said the research reflects the widely held belief that while sex is an important element of a healthy relationship, it isn’t everything.

‘Relationships only work well long term if a couple shares the same values and have good communication and conflict resolution skills,’ she said in a statement.

‘Sometimes if you have been in a relationship for a while, the novelty of lots of sex can obviously wear off. 

‘Childcare is also, not surprisingly, a big challenge to couples’ sex lives. Being a parent can be quite overwhelming at times, and couples with young children may be too tired to prioritize making love.’

Ms Draper advised long-term couples to make time for each other by scheduling special date nights twice a month.

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