Just months after walking free, child killer Colin Pitchfork was recalled to prison after ‘approaching young girls on walks.’


Just months after walking free, child killer Colin Pitchfork was recalled to prison for ‘approaching young girls on walks.’

Colin Pitchfork, a twisted double child killer, has been arrested after allegedly approaching young girls while out walking.

The monster, 61, was arrested two months after his controversial release from prison in September, according to The Sun. He was arrested for “concerning behaviors.”

After raping and strangling Lynda Mann in 1983 and Dawn Ashworth in Leicestershire in 1986, Pitchfork was sentenced to a minimum of 30 years in prison in 1987.

The child killer was recalled as a precaution after approaching young girls on long walks, according to The Mirror.

According to sources, probation officers were concerned about his “bad attitude” after his release, but there is no evidence he committed a crime.

He has now been subjected to a standard recall, which means he could be released in 28 days.

However, because of his criminal history, he will almost certainly have to wait four to six months for a full Parole Board hearing.

“Pitchfork’s license conditions were so strict that if he strayed from them, he faced recall,” a source told The Sun.

“Now he’s actually done it.

That was the reason for his behavior.

“It’s also thought that his demeanor and fears that he was concealing information were a problem.”

Despite outrage from his victims’ families, the Parole Board deemed Pitchfork fit for release in March of this year.

The government also tried to prevent the double killer’s release, claiming that releasing him would be “irrational.”

Justice Secretary Robert Buckland requested that the board reconsider its decision.

The Parole Board “refused” Pitchfork’s appeal, and he was released from HMP Leyhill in September.

He is subject to 43 license conditions, which include tagging, exclusion zones, and a prohibition on contacting children.

“He shouldn’t have been released in the first place,” Dawn’s mother, Barbara Ashworth, 75, said late last night.

The man is a monster who should never have been given the opportunity to experience freedom.

“I feel safer on the streets now that he’s in jail.”

“He cannot be allowed out again,” Barbara, from Liskeard, Cornwall, added.

“It only took him nine weeks to breach his conditions – which doesn’t surprise me in the least,” Lynda’s younger sister Rebecca Eastwood, 40, said.

“The first thing I asked probation was, ‘Has anyone been injured?’

“My greatest fear was that he’d struck once more.

“They said it had something to do with his behavior – he’d been acting shady, and they didn’t like it.”

They suspected he was up to no good.

“I’m certain he’s back inside and no one has been hurt.”

“Within the next 28 days, he’ll be re-evaluated.”

All I can do is wish…

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