Just minutes before the Tory conference, Corbyn will lead an anti-Boris march in Manchester.


Just minutes before the Tory conference, Corbyn will lead an anti-Boris march in Manchester.

JEREMY CORBYN will lead a protest against Boris Johnson outside the Tory Party conference in Manchester.

The former Labour leader is taking part in a People’s Assembly-organized march. Left-wing protestors will gather under the banner “United Against the Tories” to criticize the Prime Minister’s record in office.

He’ll speak to a crowd of activist radicals in Piccadilly Gardens tomorrow evening, half a mile away from the Conservative Party Conference.

Every day of the annual Tory gathering, the People’s Assembly is holding a rally against the government.

The protest “will include subjects such as Kill the Bill, racism, climate change, nuclear weapons, education, eliminating fire and rehire, and, of course, our NHS,” according to the statement.

“A magnificent candlelit vigil to honor the countless avoidable lives due to COVID-19 and horrible Tory policies,” the group promises.

Mr. Corbyn also attended a number of rallies in Brighton last week that were critical of his own party.

Sir Keir Starmer, the Islington North MP, stayed mostly on the sidelines as Labour MPs met by the seashore for Sir Keir Starmer’s first in-person party conference.

Mr Corbyn spent the majority of his time at the Labour Party conference taking part in a Momentum rally in addition to speaking at a few fringe events.

The festival “The World Transformed” was not formally affiliated with the Labour Party conference, but it ran concurrently with it.

Last week, the former Labour leader was heckled by his own brother during a Momentum-organized protest rally.

Piers Corbyn, a conspiracy theorist, disrupted a panel discussion on climate change and was threatened with being ejected.

Piers Corbyn and another male came up to ask a question, but the moderator only allowed women and people of color to speak, causing a dispute.

He’s long been a skeptic of climate change theory, claiming that global warming doesn’t exist.

Laura Alvez, Jeremy Corbyn’s wife, sat next to Piers throughout his diatribe.

The climate skeptic was dressed in a T-shirt that read “Resist! Defy!”

Jeremy Corbyn remained silent throughout the squabble.

Piers was permitted to remain at the event once he sat down again.

The lifelong activist is also slated to attend the Tory Party Conference in Manchester.

He has acquired notoriety in recent months for his anti-vax ideas, in addition to demonstrating against climate change.


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