Julian Assange will marry in prison despite the fact that ‘not a penny’ of taxpayer money will be spent.


Julian Assange will marry in prison despite the fact that ‘not a penny’ of taxpayer money will be spent.

Julian Assange has been given permission to marry while incarcerated.

In Belmarsh Prison, the Wikileaks founder, 50, has been allowed permission to marry his fiancée Stella Moris, whom he met while working in the Ecuadorean embassy in London and with whom he has two children. “Mr Assange’s application was received, evaluated, and processed in the usual way by the prison governor, as with any other prisoner,” a spokeswoman for the Prison Service said. “I am glad that reason won out, and I hope there will be no further interference with our marriage,” Ms Moris added. The wedding has yet to be scheduled.

According to The New York Times, “not a dime” of taxpayer money will be spent on the marriage’s facilitation.

It comes after Ms Moris alleged on Sunday in a tweet that the government was preventing her and Assange from marrying.

“We’re suing because scary portions of the UK government are illegally preventing and delaying our marriage by basically handing veto power to the US government,” she said.

“Our request to marry has been forwarded to the CPS, which represents the US in the #Assangecase.

“We have taken legal action because UK authorities have constructed a total and indefinite barrier not only to marrying, but also to starting the legal procedure to marry.”

“The UK government’s actions are unjust, unreasonable, and malevolent.”

Ms Moris said in an interview with the Independent earlier this week that she and Assange were being blocked from marrying in order to “destroy him psychologically.”

“There are no justifiable reasons to tamper with it,” she stated.

“It’s a fundamental, human thing, and it’s not for our intelligence agencies, our politicians, or anyone else.

“I’m furious that this is even being interfered with.”

Assange, an Australian citizen, has been detained at Belmarsh Prison after police took him out of the Ecuadorian embassy before arresting him for violating his bail conditions.

He had entered the building in 2012 to avoid extradition to Sweden on charges of sex offenses, which he has always denied and which were subsequently abandoned.

Following WikiLeaks’ publication of hundreds of thousands of secret papers connected to the Afghanistan and Iraq wars, Assange is wanted in the United States on charges of conspiring to obtain and expose national defense material.

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