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Joshua Paul Rini, 29, charged with the rape of two women he met on Tinder

A man who bragged about ‘chatting online with babes all day’ has been charged with the rape of two women he met on Tinder. 

Joshua Paul Rini, 29, was taken into custody on Tuesday morning following a police appeal for his whereabouts. 

He was charged with two counts of sexual intercourse without consent connected to two separate incidents at his Glebe, Sydney residence in 2019. 

He was refused bail at Central Local Court on Tuesday, according to the Sydney Morning Herald. 

Police will allege that Rini raped the two women after first meeting them on the dating app and then inviting them to his house. 

On his Twitter profile he claims he is ‘training to be a cage fighter’ when he is not ‘chatting online with babes all day’.

Superintendent Alf Sergi from Leichhardt Police Area Command said all reports of sexual violence would be investigated but they must first be reported. 

‘[Police] cannot investigate what we are unaware of,’ he said. 

He also said it does not matter if a person had consented to talking online before an assault.

‘The messaging about ‘consent’ is as equally consistent with dating apps as it is with any interaction that may potentially lead to sexual encounters. How you meet isn’t as relevant as the behaviour in person,’ he said. 

‘Consent is a primary factor in every sexual assault, whether it be in an established relationship, a person you connected with on social media, or a complete stranger,’ he said.

‘Without consent, a person’s rights are violated, and a crime is being committed.’  

Rini will reappear at Central Local Court on July 31. 

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