Join the green revolution: a healthy diet may help save lives and the environment.


Join the green revolution: a healthy diet may help save lives and the environment.

A groundbreaking analysis recommends that people consume less sugar, salt, and meat in order to save lives and protect the NHS and the environment.

The National Food Strategy study, which was issued today, makes a number of recommendations to assist people break free from the junk food cycle, make better use of land, and change Britain’s eating habits.

Poor diets, according to the report, cause 64,000 deaths in England each year, costing the economy £74 billion.

“The way we produce food is doing awful damage to the environment and our bodies, and putting an unacceptable load on the NHS,” said report author Henry Dimbleby. Covid-19 has been a sobering wake-up call.

“Our high obesity rate contributes significantly to the UK’s high death rate. For our children and grandchildren, we must seize the opportunity to develop a better food system.”

The research outlines how our diets will need to alter over the next ten years in order to satisfy the government’s health, climate, and environmental goals.

Fruit and vegetable intake must grow by 30%, and fiber consumption must double, by 2032, while diets high in saturated fat, salt, and sugar must decrease by a fourth, and meat consumption must decrease by 30%.

The government commissioned an independent report in 2019 that proposes for the world’s first Sugar and Salt Reformulation Tax to be implemented.

“This Government will carefully evaluate its recommendations and respond with a White Paper within six months, setting out our goals for the food system,” Environment Secretary George Eustice said.

Embarrassing food Food. Our eating habits are destroying us and the environment we live in. The twin concerns are processed foods and animal factory farming.

In factory farms in the United Kingdom, one billion animals are raised and killed each year. We’ve always eaten a lot of meat and dairy, and we’re told it’s good for us, but it’s not.

Most chronic illnesses that plague us later in life are linked to consuming meat and dairy — heart disease, cancer, and diabetes, for example – and these can’t be cured, only controlled until death. Along the way, there is a significant loss in life quality. And at a significant cost to the NHS and our economy.

It’s also bad for the environment, as it’s one of the “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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