John Bercow incites Tory rage by breaking a pension promise: ‘His words are worthless!’


John Bercow incites Tory rage by breaking a pension promise: ‘His words are worthless!’

Former Speaker John Bercow has been chastised by Conservative MPs for breaking a public commitment not to touch his £35k-a-year pension until he reaches the age of 65, with Andrew Bridgen MP leading the charge.

Tory MPs have criticised John Bercow after the 58-year-old broke a promise he made in 2012 that he would not touch his £35k-a-year gold-plated pension until he turned 65. The Speaker of the House of Commons, the Prime Minister, and the Lord Chancellor are all entitled to 50% of their last salary when they leave office, regardless of age or length of service. Because of the financial crisis, David Cameron and Ken Clarke declined theirs, but Mr Bercow simply pledged to suspend it, which he subsequently opted to take early after chatting with his wife Sally.

Conservative MP Andrew Bridgen, speaking on TalkRADIO, slammed Mr Bercow’s decision, claiming that it revealed his “seriously defective character” and that it would spoil any possibility of him receiving a peerage in the House of Lords.

“There were three offices of state that if you weren’t in office at the time, you got half your wage for the rest of your life,” Mr Bridgen told the radio station.

“And that was the Prime Minister, Lord Chancellor, and Speaker of the House of Commons.

“Given the situation of the finances, David Cameron and Ken Clark chose to give up their right to 50% pay for the rest of their lives, while Speaker John Bercow issued a statement stating he wasn’t relinquishing it, but he wouldn’t accept it till he was 65 out of interest…

“Eventually, he broke down and acknowledged that he has been collecting his pension since 2019.”

“So he broke his vow, I believe, and let us down, as well as our reputation, when he was Speaker.

“And I believe he’s now demonstrated that his words are worthless.”

Mr Bercow announced his decision in a statement, saying, “Sally and I addressed the topic just before I left office.”

“She insisted that the pension had always been included in my work package and that I should take it.

“Especially because the Johnson administration was “violating traditions and promises left, right, and center,” as she put it.

“I agreed with that viewpoint and continue to do so.” Brinkwire Summary News


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