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Joe Wicks admits he feels ‘lost and confused’ with ‘no sense of purpose’ after ending daily PE lessons

JOE Wicks admitted he feels “lost and confused” with “no sense of purpose” after ending his daily PE lessons.

Joe, 33, stepped in and became the nation’s PE teacher when schools closed owing to the coronavirus, providing exercise sessions for families every weekday.

But the classes came to an end after 18 weeks in July when the school holidays began.

Speaking on his Instagram story, Joe, 33, revealed he had “a flat few days” after moving into a new home with his wife Rosie Jones and their two children.

“I’m half way through my workout, I can’t explain how much better I feel emotionally and mentally,” he said.

“I’ve been having a flat few days. I was thinking about P.E. with Joe and the whole impact of what that was doing.

“I had so much purpose.”

“I was driven and focused and I knew what I was doing – making people feel good. That’s when I’m at my happiest.

“Now that’s gone I feel confused and lost, but I know I’m going to regain my energy and get myself into a positive mindset.”

The Body Coach star was joined by wife Rosie and their two children Indie and Marley for the last session last month.

Broadcasting from his specially-decorated lounge said: “So that is the end of PE with Joe. Thank you so much for taking part.

“Thank you to everyone – from the teaching assistants, parents, the families, everyone who has taken part – I love it. I am going to miss you all.”

Turning to Rosie, he said: “I’m really emotional. Rosie’s going to cry, I can see it, she’s crying.”

Joe has been doing the PE Teacher workouts for 18 weeks, raising well over half a million pounds for the NHS in the process.

Joe is worth £6m and is raking in £16k a day – making him the highest paid fitness instructor EVER.

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