Joe Biden’s foreign policy has been dubbed a “complete disaster,” raising concerns about a potential UK-US trade deal.


Joe Biden’s foreign policy has been dubbed a “complete disaster,” as fears of a UK-US trade deal rise.

JOE BIDEN’S foreign policy has been slammed as a “complete disaster” that has “damaged” the US’s global standing and may jeopardize a lucrative trade deal with the United Kingdom.

That is the warning of Nile Gardiner, a foreign policy analyst and former Margaret Thatcher aide who has launched a scathing attack on US Vice President Joe Biden since assuming office a year ago.

Mr. Biden infuriated the world in 2021 when he decided to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan as the Taliban’s brutal regime tightened its grip on the war-torn country.

Donald Trump, Trump’s predecessor in the White House, had been a vocal supporter of Brexit and had frequently touted the prospect of a lucrative trade deal between the US and the UK.

However, Mr Biden’s defeat in the US presidential election appears to have thrown cold water on that, as he frequently expresses his dissatisfaction with the UK’s implementation of the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr. Biden, who is of Irish descent, has previously stated that if the Good Friday Agreement is jeopardized by the implementation of Brexit, he will “ensure there is no US-UK trade deal.”

Mr Gardiner, a foreign policy expert who advised Mrs Thatcher on international policy, has slammed Mr Biden’s performance on the world stage since becoming US President.

He claimed that the’special relationship’ between the UK and the US has deteriorated due to the Biden administration’s “anti-Brexit animosity,” and that there is no momentum from the White House to pursue a post-Brexit trade deal.

“The UK-US special relationship is tense,” Mr Gardiner told this website.

“This is the result of the Biden administration’s hostility toward Brexit and its unwillingness to move forward with a US-UK free trade agreement.”

“The Biden presidency has been extremely unhelpful in terms of UK-US relations, and Biden’s foreign policy has been a complete disaster, as evidenced by the withdrawal from Afghanistan, which has harmed the US’s international standing.”

“The administration does not appear to be interested in moving forward with a trade agreement.”

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“This is a huge mistake because a trade agreement between the world’s largest and fifth-largest economies will generate several new jobs for Americans and is good for the US economy.”

In addition, the foreign policy expert took.

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