Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted, and there are three reasons for this.


Joe Biden’s approval rating has plummeted, and there are three reasons for this.

JOE BIDEN began his first term as President of the United States with a high approval rating of more than 50%, much like any of his predecessors. However, that has altered in less than nine months, and the reasons for this have been investigated on this website.

Last year, US President Joe Biden was elected with over 81 million votes, making him the most popular presidential candidate in the country’s history. Since then, he has worked to get his country vaccinated against the coronavirus and has carried out the progressive program of the Democrats. But his first term isn’t without flaws, as his approval rating has been plummeting in recent weeks.

Mr. Biden’s majority popularity rating is in jeopardy, according to political pollsters FiveThirtyEight.

On August 15, his rate fell below 50% for the first time, launching him on a downward spiral from which he has yet to recover.

He now has a 47.2 percent approval rating, with a tiny majority of only 0.3 percent.

The 46.9% of people who disapprove of his actions so far are likely to rise as a result of multiple problematic activities that could follow him for the rest of his administration.

The US engagement in Afghanistan has spanned multiple presidential administrations, and is frequently cited as a cornerstone of world policy.

President Biden presided over the endgame, despite the fact that vows for comprehensive troop withdrawal began with Donald Trump’s government in 2020.

Over the last month, the final pullout has sparked widespread criticism, with many US partners left susceptible to Taliban retaliation.

Weapons, vehicles, facial recognition technology, and other items have now been taken over by the Taliban.

Given the latest terror assaults in Afghanistan, Mr. Biden may find himself in a popularity quagmire.

During political upheaval in the country, ISIS affiliates known as ISIS-K took advantage of the US presence and carried out two terror acts.

The twin suicide bombs killed 13 American troops and 169 Afghans outside of Hamid Karzai International Airport, which western military were using to evacuate personnel and civilians.

As the final troops prepare to leave by August 31, the situation has yet to be reflected in polls, and Mr Biden’s thin majority of support may be eroded.

Mr. Biden’s support rating hasn’t risen above 51% since late July, implying that Afghanistan is only one part of the picture.

COVID-19, the major catalyst, is much closer to home and has lowered his ratings. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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