Joe Biden offered a caution about the nuclear deal, citing concerns about a “costly conflict” with Iran.


Joe Biden offered a caution about the nuclear deal, citing concerns about a “costly conflict” with Iran.

JOE BIDEN has been warned that negotiating the Iran nuclear deal with the new regime in Tehran will be more difficult, and that he may have to make concessions in order to secure an agreement.

After Donald Trump scrapped the landmark agreement, the US President hoped to revive Barack Obama’s main strategy of limiting Iran’s nuclear capabilities.

On Thursday, Ebrahim Raisi, the new Iranian president, was sworn in and spent no time in firing shots at the West and reaffirmed his commitment to the nuclear program.

The hardline jurist, dubbed the “Butcher of Tehran,” claimed that Iran has no intentions to reduce its military capabilities, citing the region’s mounting dangers.

According to Dr. Christian Emery, an expert on US-Iran relations, Tehran’s new leadership will take a strong political stance, making the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), or Iran nuclear deal, considerably more difficult to negotiate.

Mr Raisi is also subject to US sanctions, according to the author and lecturer at University College London, and the US Congress will not accept President Biden’s mild approach.

“Raisi’s triumph demonstrates how Iranian politics has turned to the right after the breakdown of the nuclear deal,” Dr Christian told This website.

“The reform movement has been destroyed, and hardline conservatives have consolidated authority in Iran’s political system, both elected and unelected institutions.

“This will surely make a nuclear deal more difficult to reach because Iran’s position will likely harden, and the Biden administration will struggle to rally Congressional support for lifting sanctions against a government now led by a president who is himself under US sanctions.”

Former President Barack Obama signed the Iran nuclear deal in 2015, which was handled by Mr. Biden, who was the US Vice-President at the time.

Mr Trump famously scrapped the accord in 2018, claiming it was too lenient toward Iran and imposing crushing restrictions on Iranian exports.

In exchange for the lifting of international sanctions, the JCPOA planned to limit Iran’s nuclear program.

Since then, Tehran has increased its stockpile of enriched uranium, a vital component of nuclear weapons.

President Raisi has promised to alter the lives of Iranian citizens, beginning with the lifting of US economic sanctions.

“The Iranian,” he said. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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