Joe Biden is under fire for his choice of UK ambassador at a “pivotal time” – “Not what’s required!”


Joe Biden is under fire for his choice of UK ambassador at a “pivotal time” – “Not what’s required!”

When choosing the new UK ambassador at a “pivotal period” for transatlantic relations, JOE BIDEN has been chastised for prioritizing allegiance over experience.

Jane Hartley, a Democratic fundraiser with little diplomatic experience, was chosen by the US President. Mrs. Hartley contributed millions of dollars to Vice President Joe Biden’s presidential campaign. She is said to have accepted the offer presently. President Biden had been undecided for months about who would be the ideal candidate for the job.

“Not the guy we need at such a pivotal and perilous time for transatlantic relations,” Brett Bruen, former White House global engagement chief, said.

“Diplomatic expertise, not donor experience, is required to steer our country and the rest of the globe into safer waters.”

Mrs Hartley, 71, was a surprise decision, given many others were considered for the role, including former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg and former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Former US President Donald Trump, on the other hand, appointed Robert “Woody” Johnson as UK ambassador before he was even inaugurated.

Mrs. Hartley was born in New York and is married to Ralph Schlosstein, the CEO of Evercore Partners and an investment banker.

Between 2014 and 2017, the 71-year-old served as ambassador to France and Monaco for a brief period.

Her professional career began at the Democratic National Convention.

In the 1970s, she became an official in Jimmy Carter’s administration.

After that, she spent many years in the private sector, working for the Observatory Group and the G7 Group, two worldwide economic policy consultancies.

Many opponents have suggested that Mrs Hartley was only chosen as a reward for loyalty because of her lack of experience and previous links with Joe Biden.

“I will never understand why American presidents send political fundraisers to represent the US in crucial nations instead of seasoned, well-trained diplomats,” foreign policy commentator Julia Ioffe remarked.

President Biden recently nominated a number of people to various positions.

According to The Washington Post, Mrs Hartley’s work in Paris stood out the most to Mr Biden when it came to her appointment.

She spent three years in Paris, organising the COP 21 climate conference and collaborating with intelligence services in the aftermath of many terrorist attacks.


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