Joe Biden is on the verge of resigning as surveys blast President Obama’s Afghanistan pullout, calling it a “serious disaster.”


Joe Biden is on the verge of resigning as surveys blast President Obama’s Afghanistan pullout, calling it a “serious disaster.”

JOE BIDEN’S handling of the Afghan drawdown has sparked international outrage, and surveys suggest he may suffer domestically as well.

The Republican Party is demanding that President Biden be prosecuted after the Taliban seized control of Afghanistan as a result of his troop pullout. If Republicans retake control of Congress in the midterm elections next year, they may try to impeach Trump for “high crimes and misdemeanors.” “I believe he [Mr Biden] should be impeached,” said Lindsey Graham, a prominent Republican US Senator and close ally of Donald Trump.

“I believe Joe Biden should be impeached because he has abandoned thousands of Afghans who fought alongside us, and he is about to abandon some American people because he agreed to a timetable with the Taliban on August 31.”

Despite the fact that President Trump committed to withdraw troops in a deal with the Taliban last year, this is still the case.

William A. Galston, a political scientist at the Brookings Institute, explained this week that polling demonstrates how the Afghanistan situation is affecting public opinion of Vice President Joe Biden in the United States.

He emphasized that around three out of four Americans believe the exit went badly, and only 33% believe there is a clear plan in place for evacuating US people.

Eight out of ten Americans support rescuing and bringing these Afghans to the United States, and six out of ten believe the government is doing enough to aid them.

As of July, 60% of Americans approved of President Biden’s performance. By August 20, the percentage had dropped to just 47%.

While Mr. Biden has been chastised for the situation in Afghanistan, Professor Galston believes that this is unlikely to have a significant impact on his administration.

“This first major crisis since Joe Biden took office has been a blow to his presidency, but it is not necessarily fatal,” he stated for the Brookings Institute.

“Even now, Americans are more focused on the economy and the epidemic than on international affairs, and local news sources do not give Afghanistan the priority it deserves within the Beltway.

“History has shown that foreign policy mistakes in distant lands have little bearing on a president’s popularity.

“If Mr Biden can effectively complete the evacuation of American citizens and our Afghan allies over the next few weeks, he.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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