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Jodie Whittaker could be replaced in Doctor Who as killer Cybermen return

DOCTOR Who fans will reportedly be reunited with the Cybermen.

Doctor Who will not return to screens for a new series until next year – but it’s already promising to be a showstopper set of episodes.

Jodie Whittaker will return as the Doctor for her second series, after she took over the role from Peter Capaldi.


And her incarnation of the Doctor will reportedly face off against one of the series’ most iconic villains – the Cybermen.

The part-human, part-machine foes will return for the first time since 2017 – and their comeback could see a major change.

“This new run is much scarier than Jodie’s first year and will definitely put the frighteners on fans”

A source

Back in 2017, the Cybermen shot Capaldi’s 12th Doctor and caused him to regenerate into Whittaker.

Does that mean fans will be seeing a new Doctor already, or could Jodie Whittaker’s character take them down?

The mechanical menaces first appeared in the sci-fi series in 1966 alongside the original Doctor William Hartnell.

A source told the Mirror: “This new run is much scarier than Jodie’s first year and will definitely put the frighteners on fans. Things are about to get darker for the Doctor.”

When Chris Chibnall took over from Steven Moffat as showrunner in 2018, he didn’t use any of the series’ classic monsters.

He did, however, include a Dalek into the winter special and hinted the new series will see some familiar faces.

Casting Jodie as the first female Doctor did wonders for the series’ viewing figures.

Series 11, the first to feature the 13th Doctor, had an average viewership of 7.96million.

In comparison, Peter Capaldi’s final series in 2017 had an average of 5.45m, with the 2015 series on 6.03m.

Doctor Who will return some time in 2020.

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