Joanna Cherry ‘not surprised’ at sacking following 18-month ‘campaign of abuse’


Joanna Cherry has said she was “not surprised” to be sacked due to an 18-month campaign of abuse she was subjected to.

Ms Cherry, who represents Edinburgh South West, claims she was the target of abuse due to her support for women’s sex-based rights.

Ms Cherry was “sacked” as the SNP’s justice and home affairs spokeswoman at Westminster, after facing criticism over her stance on transgender issues.

 Joanna Cherry reports ‘vicious threat’ to police following SNP reshuffle

Soon after her removal was announced, she revealed she had contacted police on Monday February 1 after receiving a “vicious threat” to her personal safety.

Writing in the New Statesman, Ms Cherry said: “The reasons for my sacking were not made clear but I was not surprised.

“For some time a small but vocal cohort of my SNP colleagues has engaged in performative histrionics redolent of the Salem witch trials.

“The question – do you believe or have you ever believed that women are adult human females? – is one I must answer in the affirmative, but it’s not a response that is popular with some who have the ear of the leadership.“It’s frustrating because advocating for women’s sex-based rights under the Equality Act, expressing concerns about self-identification of gender and opposing curtailment of free speech, are not evidence of transphobia.”

 Joanna Cherry ‘sacked’ from SNP front bench in Westminster

Police confirmed on Thursday that a 30-year-old man had been charged with a communications offence in connection with the incident.

She added: “Police Scotland came to take a statement and I filled them in on the background to these threats: an 18-month campaign of social media lies, smears and foul-mouthed abuse directed at me from a number of mainly young men within the party who seem to have a problem with middle-aged lesbians who support women’s sex-based rights.”


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