Jessica Alves claims she was ‘ghosted’ by a TOWIE hunk after disclosing her transgender identity.


Jessica Alves claims she was ‘ghosted’ by a TOWIE hunk after disclosing her gender identity.

Jessica Alves, who used to be known as ‘the human Ken Doll’ before coming out as transgender, claims a member of The Only Way is Essex called her ‘beautiful’ before ‘ghosting’ her.

Jessica Alves claims that a cast member from the hit reality show The Only Way is Essex “ghosted” her after she revealed she was transgender.

The star, who is best known as the ‘human Ken Doll,’ claims that after seeing her sexy photos on the internet, the TOWIE star said he was “excited to meet her” and called her “beautiful.”

Jessica, 38, is well-known for posting sultry photoshoots online, and the two exchanged messages before planning to meet in London for their first date.

When Jessica revealed she was transgender, the TOWIE star is said to have responded with “What?” before “ghosting” her.

The Sun obtained the message exchange with the unnamed man, with Jessica revealing that the turn of events left her “devastated.”

“I was really upset and really wanted to cry,” she told the publication.

He’s been talking to me for two weeks, but I’m no longer interested in meeting him.”

According to Jessica, the two even had a video call together, during which he described her as “beautiful” and “stunning.”

“When I told him, ‘You know I’m transgender, right?’ he was like, ‘What’s that and what do you mean?'” she continued.

“I explained that it meant I wouldn’t be able to give him children but reassured him that I am a 100% woman, but he lost interest and ghosted me after that.”

“Ignoring me was the worst thing,” the star continued. “At the very least, he could have said, ‘I’m sorry, but I’m not interested in you anymore because you’re transgender.'”

She’s had similar encounters with men at the gym who are allegedly “put off” by her gender identity.

Jessica says she’s gotten a lot of attention from men who subscribe to her racy OnlyFans account, and she’s “spoiled for choice” – but she wants to start a family and settle down.

After spending thousands on achieving her ideal ‘Ken Doll’ look with implanted abs and high cheekbones, the star began her transition in 2018, spending an incredible £725,000 on plastic surgery to achieve her desired look.

To achieve her desired waist size, she had four ribs removed.

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