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Jess Baxter from Bassendean, Perth loses husband a week after finding out she is pregnant

A woman who battled thyroid cancer has been left shattered after losing her husband one week after they discovered she was pregnant.

Jess, 36, and Dan Baxter, 39, from Bassendean in north-east Perth were excited to start a new life with their baby after struggling to fall pregnant for almost a year. 

The couple spent $17,000 on Mr Baxter to reverse the vasectomy he had after having two children from his previous marriage. 

They then dug into their savings and superannuation for IVF treatment as Ms Baxter’s egg count was low due to her thyroid cancer treatment. 

Luckily after the first round of IVF treatment, the pair were given the incredible news in May that Ms Baxter was seven weeks pregnant with a baby girl. 

But just a week later, Mr Baxter died after collapsing in their family home.

‘He was on the floor. At the time I didn’t really comprehend what was wrong, I tried to wake him up, I called triple-0, I was trying to do CPR,’ Ms Baxter told The West.

She said it took paramedics about 13 minutes to arrive as she and her neighbour desperately performed CPR on Mr Baxter – but he died at the scene.   

Left heartbroken by her devastating loss, Ms Baxter is thankful that she still has a connection with her husband thanks to their baby.

She said he wanted to name the baby Duste, meaning Thor’s Stone, in reference to her late partner’s favourite TV shows, Game of Thrones and Vikings. 

Ms Baxter also said that she’ll raise their daughter to know the loving man that her father was. 

‘He loved music, he was such a joker and such a cool guy,’ she said.  

‘I’m so glad that he got to know. I think it would have been a lot harder if we would have gone through all of that and he had passed away and I wasn’t pregnant.’ 

Her friends and family are supporting her and have launched a GoFundMe page to help with raising her daughter as she is ineligible for government handouts due to being a New Zealand citizen.  

The fundraiser has already raised $2,825. 

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