Jeremy Kyle is enraged by Djokovic’s ‘prisoner’ claims that he has £200 million in the bank!


Jeremy Kyle lashes out at Djokovic after the ‘prisoner’ claims that ‘He’s got £200 million in the bank!’

JEREMY Kyle slammed Novak Djokovic for claiming to be a “prisoner” after his entry into Australia was denied due to his vaccination status.

Jeremy Kyle, a talk radio host, verbally chastised tennis superstar Novak Djokovic over the Australian Open controversy.

The tennis player was revealed to have received no doses of the COVID-19 vaccine, despite previously stating on social media that he “wouldn’t want to be forced to take a vaccine” in order to travel to other countries or compete in tournaments.

Mr Kyle slammed Djokovic for having his visa revoked after attempting to enter Australia for the Australian Open.

Djokovic “didn’t meet the requirements of entry,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison told the media.

Mr Kyle showed no pity for the wealthy tennis player after his mother claimed he was treated like a “prisoner” after being transferred to a detention facility.

“I know you’re not listening, Mrs. Djokovic,” Mr Kyle said.

“The Serbian mother of Novak Djokovic, the world’s number one tennis player, who arrived in Australia to compete in the Australian Open as part of his quest for a grand slam…not allowed in, he wasn’t allowed in, Mrs Djokovic, your son.”

“It’s because he didn’t meet the entry requirements!”

“Do us one love! They’re not holding him against his will; he knew it, and he was attempting to avoid it.”

“I was told by Sam, who works on the show, that one of Novak Djokovic’s complaints is that he doesn’t have any clothes,” he continued.

“He’s got 200 million pounds in the bank, buy the bloody hotel,” says the narrator.

“He was good,” Dijana Djokovic, Novak’s mother, said.

We didn’t talk for very long, but we did talk for a while.

“They’re keeping him as a prisoner, which isn’t right, and it’s not human.”

“So all I can say is that I hope he stays strong because we’re trying to give him some energy to keep going.”

“I’m hoping he succeeds.”

Jelena Djokovic, the tennis player’s wife, also took to Twitter to thank Djokovic’s fans for their support in recent days.

“It’s Christmas for us today, and my wishes are for everyone to be healthy, happy, safe, and with their families,” Mrs. Djokovic said.

We wish we could all be together today, but I take solace in the fact that we are all healthy.

And it is from there that we will develop.

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