Jeremy Clarkson slammed youth for not voting in the EU referendum, saying, “We’d be staying!”


Jeremy Clarkson slammed youth for not voting in the EU referendum, saying, “We’d be staying!”

After Britain decided to leave the European Union in the 2016 referendum, JEREMY CLARKSON chastised his children’s generation for not “getting up” and voting, according to comments from the Remainer show.

Clarkson’s Farm, a popular Amazon Prime show, followed the controversial Grand Tour host’s latest foray into farming.

Mr Clarkson, who has no prior expertise, takes on his 1,000-acre working farm in a chaotic manner on the show.

Mr Clarkson proceeded to his monthly newspaper column to complain about the difficulty, which included the worst farming weather in decades, sluggish crops, and an unprecedented pandemic.

“I can now whine for hours without receiving any response or hesitation,” he wrote.

“It’s the weather.” Carrie Johnson, Defra. That scumbag alpaca. Chris Packham is a British actor. Brexit. Badgers. Ramblers. The scarcity of wood.”

In his New York Times column, he also described the endeavor as “a bottomless pit of sorrow and despair” in which he is currently “wallowing.”

Mr Clarkson, who is known for his outspokenness, has frequently expressed anti-Brexit sentiments and was harshly critical of Prime Minister Boris Johnson during the initial wave of the COVID-19 outbreak last year.

When asked if he was concerned about Britain’s future in an interview with LBC in 2019, Mr Clarkson blamed Brexit on the youth.

“Of course, nobody in Britain isn’t concerned,” he remarked.

“I have three young adult children, and you look at their lives and wonder, ‘Why didn’t you get up and vote?’

“None of them did, no one under the age of 25 went up and voted; else, we would still be here.”

Despite Mr Clarkson’s claims, extensive polling data collected by Opinium following the referendum revealed that turnout among 18-24-year-olds was 64 percent, more than double the first estimate.

Mr Clarkson also referred to those who voted to leave the EU as “coffin-dodging idiots” in a pro-EU outburst.

“Those coffin-dodging idiots who voted for Brexit have simply messed everything up,” he remarked.

“Alright, we might lose a car or two, but consider how many thousands of people’s lives would be completely destroyed as a result of auto companies, sensibly, transferring their manufacturing to Slovakia and elsewhere.”

Mr. Clarkson, together with James May and Richard Hammond, co-hosts Amazon Prime’s The Grand Tour. The trio previously co-hosted the BBC’s flagship show Top Gear.

Mr Clarkson did not hold back in welcome Mr Johnson as a guest on a Top Gear episode that aired in June 2003. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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