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Jeremy Clarkson reveals he was verbally abused in expletive-ridden rant after he forgot to wear a mask to the shops

JEREMY Clarkson revealed that he was verbally abused in an expletive-ridden rant after he forgot to wear a mask to the shops.

The former Top Gear presenter, 60, was told off by a random member of the public when they spotted that he did not have one on, after it was made compulsory last month that everyone in the UK should wear face masks in shops, banks and takeaways.

Jeremy spoke out about the ordeal in his most recent column for The Times.

He wrote: “Britain is becoming very bitter for some reason.

“Last weekend I went to the paper shop and remembered most of the things I now need for such a trip: spectacles, phone, hearing aid, tin of boiled sweets, gazetteer and a list of the papers I like to buy when I arrive. But I forgot my mask.

“In the olden days, when there was Enid Blyton and local bobbies gave apple scrumpers a clip round the ear, people would have forgiven a 60-year-old for making such a mistake. But not any more.”

Although there are some exceptions for people to not wear a face mask – including physical or mental illness, impairment, or disability – a man physically got out of his car to have a go at him.

And to the telly star’s disbelief, he did so while not wearing a mask himself.

Jeremy continued: “A man leapt from his 10-year-old Toyota to do some remonstrating.

“‘Do you not need a mask because you’re on television?’ he bellowed. And he hadn’t finished. 

“In fact his lecture, padded out with much profanity, was so lengthy that I never got the chance to interrupt and point out that he wasn’t wearing a mask either. We see this sort of thing all the time.”

Jeremy also joked in a recent comment piece for The Sun that face masks weren’t a thing up north during a recent trip to Manchester.

Despite having a one-way system in the studios where he was working, and endless signs telling people to keep apart, nobody really seemed to be trying to reduce to spread of the deadly bug.

He wrote: “At breakfast in the hotel where I’m staying, no one’s wearing a mask and in the city’s restaurants it’s business as usual.

“The only slight change is that because so many are working from home, the girls have plenty of spare time to take off even more clothes than usual before going out.

“Face masks? Ha. You must be ­joking. They’re not wearing anything at all.”

Although Jeremy has been living a quiet life away in the Cotswolds with girlfriend Lisa Hogan over the past few months, this might all change if he joins the latest line-up of celebrities to take part in this years I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here.

Jeremy, who would take part in the ITV show for £100,000, is tipped 2/1 to make an appearance and has already got 10-1 odds to win.


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