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Jeffrey Epstein showed off 14-year-old ‘sex slave’ to Donald Trump and said ‘this is a good one, right?’, lawsuit claims

TWISTED Jeffrey Epstein once showed off a 14-year-old “sex slave” to Donald Trump and bragged “this is a good one, right?”, court papers state.

The claim is reportedly made in a lawsuit filed by a California woman – named only as Jane Doe – against Epstein’s $634m estate and Brit socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

Legal papers detail the abuse the woman claims she experienced at the hands of Epstein and Maxwell – currently in a New York jail awaiting trial on sex trafficking charges.

The Daily Beast claims they also mention an alleged incident when Epstein brought the young teen to Trump’s plush Florida resort in 1995.

“Doe also claims Epstein introduced her to Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago when she was only 14 years old,” it reports.

“’This is a good one, right?’” Epstein apparently asked the future president, who is then said to have smiled and nodded.

There is absolutely no suggestion in the legal papers – or anywhere else – that Mr Trump was aware of Epstein’s sickening crimes.

In fact, it was recently reported he once banned him from his exclusive club for hitting on the teen daughter of one of the members.

A Trump Organization official last year denied Epstein had been a paying club member in the wake of his arrest on sex abuse charges.

Epstein died just a month later in a Manhattan federal jail after apparently hanging himself in his cell.

At the time, Trump did not reveal publicly what led to him falling out with Epstein, whom he said he had not spoken to for up to 15 years.

“I’m not a fan of his,” Trump said.

A new book called ‘The Grifter’s Club’, about Mar-a-Lago, claimed Mr Trump banned Epstein in 2007 after the shamed financier harassed a member’s daughter.

Miami Herald reporter Sarah Blaskey said of the incident: “The way this person described it, such an act could irreparably harm the Trump brand, leaving Donald no choice but to remove Epstein.”

The legal complaint accuses Epstein and Maxwell of first targeting Doe when she was just 13 years old after meeting her in 1994 at an arts camp, reports the Daily Beast.

They found her sitting alone and “Epstein bragged to her about being a patron of the arts and giving scholarships to talented young artists”, the complaint alleges.

“Epstein and Maxwell probed her at length about her background, family situation and where she lived,” it claims.

“As Doe got up to leave, Epstein requested her mother’s phone number back in Florida.”

The lawsuit claims Epstein and Maxwell later gained the trust of Doe’s mom and took the girl on shopping trips and to the movies.

Doe says after that she endured years of sexual abuse and “unimaginable physical and psychological trauma and distress,” the complaint alleges.

Epstein is said to have started molesting Doe in 1994, and the abuse then allegedly continued for years at his homes in Palm Beach, New York and New Mexico.

In 1996 – when she was 16 – Doe claims she was moved to a New York City apartment rented by super-rich Epstein.

Her lawyers say she’s the only survivor of Epstein’s abuse who has declined to stay her case in order to pursue compensation.

More than two dozen women filed lawsuits against Epstein’s estate, and they’ve agreed to pause their litigation while participating in the victims’ compensation program.

If they accept the fund’s offer, they must dismiss their suits against the estate and all related entities and individuals – including Maxwell.

Maxwell has denied any involvement in Epstein’s sex ring and last month pleaded not guilty to four charges related to child sex trafficking and two counts of perjury.


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