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Jealous boyfriend subjected partner to hostage ordeal after she was tagged at male strip show

A jealous boyfriend is facing jail for taking his partner hostage and attacking her after friends tagged her on Facebook at a male strip show after she claimed to have been going for ‘a meal with the girls’.

Wendy Fry, 54, told Richard Badman, 50, she was eating out at a restaurant but he found a social media post revealing she was at a raunchy show called Forbidden Nights – starring dancers called Sexy Viking, Billy Blue Eyes and the Italian Stallion. 

When Badman found out he made dozens of calls to her phone and sent her foul-mouthed messages calling her a ‘dirty b*****d’. 

After she returned home, he held her captive, punched her, put a screwdriver to her neck and sprayed her with CS gas during an horrific ordeal at his home in South Wales, a court was told.

Badman denied attacking Ms Fry – but admitted he was upset at being deceived she’d been to see hunky performers.

In his interview with police Badman said videos of the muscular dancers flaunting their six packs made him feel ‘sick to his stomach’.

He told the court: ‘I felt afraid and that’d I’d been lied to. I felt a bit gutted really.’

Badman took mother-of-two Ms Fry hostage when she returned from the strip show – until she escaped through a bedroom window.

Prosecutor Marian Lewis said that Ms Fry told Badman that she was going for a meal with girlfriends because she feared he wouldn’t let her go.

But Badman learned the truth after Ms Fry was tagged in a video of the raunchy show at the Congress Theatre in Cwmbran, Gwent, on Facebook.

Ms Lewis said Badman was enraged ‘at the nature of the entertainment’ and sent her dozens of calls and messages while she was on the night out.

He made 43 phone calls, left 14 messages, sent 10 Facebook Messenger messages and as 34 Facebook Messenger Calls.

Ms Lewis said he also left her a video message saying: ‘Don’t treat me like some sort of f***ing mug’.

When she returned home Badman turned up at her house and ordered her into his car.

Badman took Ms Fry captive and punching her, putting a screwdriver to her neck and spraying her with CS gas during an ordeal at his home.

Badman was also found to have held a pillow over the mother-of-two’s face and told her ‘you’ll be going home in a box’.

Ms Lewis said: ‘He began to assault her, firstly by grabbing her throat – so hard she almost blacked out.’

Ms Fry was held overnight when Badman told her: ‘No one is f****** coming here, you’re my hostage’.

The couple had been in a relationship for four years at the time of the attack in November last year.

Giving her evidence via video link, Ms Fry said: ‘He grabbed me by the throat and shouted at me. He was hitting me and ragging me around.

‘I told him I wanted to go home but he pushed me upstairs and threw me down on the bed, tried to strangle me and punched me and putting a pillow over my head so I couldn’t breathe. He bit me and on my face.

‘At one point I told him: ‘You’re going to far, I can’t breathe’ and he told me: ‘That’s what I want’.

‘He said ‘You’re not listening, I am going to f****** kill you, you’ll be going out of here in a box’.’

The jury was told Badman held a screwdriver to her throat and then pepper sprayed her with CS gas.

Ms Fry said: ‘It felt like my face was on fire and my eyes were burning, it was awful. I thought he was going to kill me.’

Ms Fry managed to feel her way to the living room window and jumped out before making her way to a neighbour’s house for help.

Badman attempted to drag her back up the path towards his house and was seen by neighbours punching and kicking her, the court heard.

Ms Fry said: ‘I thought he was going to kill me.’

Badman, of Varteg, near Pontypool, denied all the charges and said Ms Fry hurt herself jumping out of the bedroom window.

He told the jury: ‘When I got back in the room Wendy had her legs out of the window. When she was outside I went to help her but she said: ‘Get the f*** from me’.’

Newport Crown Court heard he sent repeated messages to Ms Fry calling her a ‘dirty b*****d’ and in one said: ‘I don’t want f*** all to do with a liar.’

He told the jury: ‘I regret sending them all. If I didn’t send them we’d still be together.’

He was convicted of false imprisonment, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, threat to kill and possession of a prohibited weapon.

He was remanded in custody so a pre-sentence report could be made.

Judge Daniel Williams said: ‘You have been convicted of serious offences and a report will assist in determining how long the prison sentence will be.’

The Forbidden Nights show tells potential customers on its website: ‘You will be caught up in a spectacle of desire, passion and excitement and feel the adrenaline course through your body.’

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