Javid will slash ‘exorbitant’ spending. The cost of the Covid test… Market practices that are deemed to be “unfair” will be examined.


Javid will slash ‘exorbitant’ spending. The cost of the Covid test… Market practices that are deemed to be “unfair” will be examined.

Sajid Javid has promised to work quickly to reduce the “exorbitant” cost of PCR tests, making vacations more affordable.

Following allegations of holidaymakers being overcharged, the Health Secretary has already asked the competition watchdog to investigate 420 businesses.

Even if they have been vaccinated, PCRs cost holidaymakers an average of £75 per person. Similar tests, on the other hand, can cost as little as £30 or as much as £270.

The average cost in France is £42, while it is less than £40 in Greece.

All travelers returning from countries on the amber and green lists must take the examinations.

According to figures disclosed last week, £35 million was paid for 500,000 tests, 6,977 of which were positive.

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Some companies have been late in delivering results, resulting in missing flights.

Others have been chastised for advertising experiments at a low cost that increases as soon as a customer visits the website.

Between the Government website one day last week, kits for use on days two and eight after arriving in the UK ranged from £23.99 to £575.

Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the lack of results, while others have received damaged kits.

“People should be able to go on vacation without worry of paying exorbitant expenses for PCR tests, whether it’s to see relatives or just relax,” Mr Javid added.

“That is why I have asked the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), an independent body, to look into how we can combat unfair market practices.”

“The cost of PCR testing can operate as a barrier, especially for families who want to travel together,” Mr Javid said in his letter to the CMA chief executive, requesting a fast high-level assessment.

“It is unjust if some families are further disrupted unnecessarily as a result of market tactics for private trip tests.”

Conservative MPs are urging the government to replace PCRs with lateral flow tests, which are less expensive and faster but less precise.

The PCRs are more “useful,” according to Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, because they can be used to track mutations.


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