Jamie Oliver’s new cookbook includes meatball-stuffed ‘spaghetti lasagne’ worth 638 calories

His saintly lecturing to politicians and schools about obesity marks him out as a healthy eating devotee.

But a peek between the covers of Jamie Oliver’s latest cookbook reveals some extremely sinful – and rather bizarre – recipes.

His 28th offering, Jamie Cooks Italy, includes a recipe which combines lasagne, spaghetti and a pie to create a dish that provides a whopping 638 calories and 26g of fat per slice.

Called ‘carnival lasagne’, the unsightly-looking meal, which the chef describes as ‘flamboyant and fun’, includes meatballs, uses spaghetti rather than pasta sheets and – weirdest of all – is finished off in a pie dish with a lattice of pastry.

The TV star’s latest book includes another hybrid dish – a ‘rice pudding semifreddo’, consisting of ice cream made with risotto rice, which contains 376 calories per portion and 16g of saturated fat.

Those watching their waistline might also want to avoid his sausage and red wine risotto. 

The dish, which involves adding red wine rather than the traditional white, has a gut-busting 839 calories per portion and 43.8g of fat.

If the risotto and rice pudding were served as a main and a dessert, it would contain the entire daily 70g fat limit recommended by the NHS for a woman.

Despite being based on Italian cuisine, the book includes a recipe for ham, egg and chips – which contains a shocking 45.9g of fat and 676 calories – as well as one for a 626-calorie borlotti bean soup. 

The NHS recommends a woman eats no more than 2,000 calories a day.

The book, which costs £26 and is the chef’s second Italian recipe book, features numerous recipes from Italian grandmothers, or ‘nonnas’, who Oliver met while travelling the country.

Despite the book only being released two days ago, one unhappy customer said he was going to take it straight to the charity shop.

Writing on Amazon, he said: ‘It is sad to say that most of the pictures look quite unappetising. He [Oliver] has done much better books than this. The local charity shop will benefit.’

Earlier this year, it was revealed that the chef’s Jamie’s Italian restaurants were selling burgers which contain the entire recommended daily 70g fat limit.

In 2016, the star released a Christmas recipe book that included a festive lunch clocking in at more than 7,000 calories per person – and almost 10,000 if you included his ‘leftovers’ suggestions.

Oliver, who is estimated to be worth around £150million, has spearheaded a drive to ban junk food and has campaigned for healthy school meals. 

His efforts helped bring the subject to the political forefront, and changed the types of dishes served in schools across the UK.

Last night nutritionist Katie White said: ‘There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having an indulgent meal once a week, especially if it’s home-made because you know what’s going into it … but obesity is on the rise and so is type 2 diabetes in children as young as eight, so that probably wouldn’t be the meal for them.’



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