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Jamie Oliver branded ‘hypocritical’ for praising Boris Johnson’s ‘pivotal’ anti-obesity plan

Social media users have branded Jamie Oliver ‘hypocritical’ for praising Boris Johnson’s ‘pivotal’ anti-obesity plan – despite appearing to have put on weight himself.   

The TV chef, 45, who has been an outspoken campaigner for more action to promote healthy eating, told how the government’s crackdown on junk food adverts airing on TV and online before 9pm was a significant moment in the fight against obesity.

Speaking to presenter Jon Snow on Channel 4 news, he explained: ‘Possibly this could be pivotal moment in awful storm.’

However, many who tuned in were quick to highlight the irony of the chef’s comments – especially because he rustles up calorie-laden recipes himself.

‘He looks like he should be listening to his own advice tbh,’ wrote one, while a second penned: ‘I find it hypocritical that Jamie Oliver is telling us all to lose weight/diet more when he himself is the Prince of Olive Oil and literally pours 300+ cals into his dishes for absolutely no reason at all.’    

The celebrity chef was asked what he thought of the government’s new initiative, which he said he thought ‘could be a pivotal moment’.

He went on to explain that a tax on certain foods is less helpful than subsidising healthy ones – but viewers were quick to remind him of his own actions.

One person vented: ‘Any millennial will remember that Jamie Oliver’s plan for tackling obesity in children was essentially to just price us out of eating anything in the school canteen; they got rid of the 35p pizza breads and brought in £3 salads. I only had £2 lunch money. he can f** off.

She continued: ‘Ironically I’d been a healthy weight and slim all my life up until that point, but when Jamie Oliver priced us out of eating in the school canteen we had to take our lunch money to Tesco and ate crisps and chocolate instead of cooked dinners and we all got fat.’

A second commented: ‘When the government provide people with the means to be able to afford vegetables for every meal instead of chicken nuggets and chips from cheap bulk freezer shops then Jamie Oliver can pipe up until then please shut the f*** up.’

A further agreed: ‘I dislike Jamie Oliver far more than hitherto. All of these outcomes are, at root, caused by inequality & poverty. Being only able to afford zero value, poor quality food is yet another outcome.

Meanwhile, others thought it was ironic that the chef was offering his opinions on economic issues when his restaurant went into administration last year.

Jamie commented: ‘The cost of ill-health in society…is an economic conversation. If you speak to-anyone who deals in economics they will tell you having a fitter, healthier more agile Britain is absolutely more profitable.’

In response, one person wrote: ‘What he knows about profitability could be written on the menu of a Jamies Italian.’ 

A second added: ‘Jamie Oliver pops back up every five years when obesity becomes another moral crisis for a week.’ 

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