JAMES WHALE believes that the BBC’s deception about Diana should be made public.


JAMES WHALE believes that the BBC’s deception about Diana should be made public.


Their programming isn’t even close to being as terrific or entertaining as ours in the commercial sector. They don’t have to try very hard, though, because we all have to pay them a large sum in a needless tax every year.

I’m saving up stories about happenings at the BBC and how they treat some of their employees, as well as how they mismanage and mishandle most situations, that will make your hair curl.

Will you feel sorry for newsreader Huw Edwards, who now earns little over £529,000 a year for doing what must be one of the most simple jobs in broadcasting, namely reading a script? It’s almost as though a robot could do it.

I’m not sure why they complain about their pay given they are paid significantly more than people in the business sector.

They have now agreed to pay £1.5 million to a charity funded by the Royal Family to make atonement for Martin Bashir’s deception during the Princess Diana interview.

I agree that they should make restitution. What I don’t agree with is that it comes from our tax, the absurd license fee.

Why should we foot the bill for their ineptness? Let’s make the high-paid smug idiots in control pay their dues. That might actually get their attention.

It’s past time to cut the BBC’s funding. Give them the information. That is all a national broadcaster requires; the rest may be handled by the private sector.

They have no place in today’s technologically advanced world.

Isn’t it amazing how quickly the news agenda shifts?

Remainers who bemoaned our exit from Europe’s authoritarianism appear to have given up. And, thank heavens, the anti-vaxxers, some of whom were threatening to kill me, have vanished.

However, as more Covid constraints were relaxed last week, I was startled to see so many MPs still wearing masks in the House of Commons.

In politics, virtue signaling is not a good look. And it appeared to be imposed from above.

The majority of them wearing rather ridiculous masks appeared to be Labour and Opposition MPs.

The majority of the government personnel did not have them on. At the very least, they’ve gotten one thing right.

MPs wearing masks must be well aware of how ridiculous they appear. Masks are what they are. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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