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Jacqueline Jossa enjoys huge steak dinner on girls’ night out in London after revealing new diet plan

JACQUELINE Jossa let her hair down and took a night off her very strict diet to enjoy a huge steak with a side of mac and cheese.

The I’m A Celeb winner, 27, hit the town for a girls’ night in London and visited the pricey STK chophouse on the Strand.

Jac ordered a big juicy steak with a huge side of mac and cheese and a strawberry daiquiri but could not get through it all.

“I’m so full,” she said on her Instagram stories.

Her dinner pals which consisted of two women and two teenage girls who were still chowing down on their food as a clearly full Jac watched on.

Despite feeling full, Jac looked incredible in a peach turtle neck floral dress with white ankle length heeled boots.

She had also had her hair and make-up professionally done in demand celebrity stylists Carl Cambridge and Karen Dawn.

It’s no wonder the mum-of-two struggled to finish her dinner as she’s been following a strict 350-calorie per meal diet.

Earlier this month, she showed off one of her meals created by The Lion Preps company which consisted of a tiny box of peri-peri- salmon and broccoli.

The popular meal-plan business has been used by some other famous faces including Hollywood actor Simon Pegg and professional boxer Lucien Reid.

Jacqueline’s plan consists of their weight loss (average of 350 calories) and healthy balanced meal plans (around 500 calories), which are made out of fresh food and best ingredients around.

So if she sticks to what she has been given, the I’m A Celebrity winner’s daily calorie intake will total up to 1,200 on average.

However, the company comes at a hefty price and will put Jacqueline £350 out of her pocket every month.

The EastEnders star has a range of tasty options to choose but made sure to tell the company to stay away from one type of meat in particular.

The spokesperson told New! magazine: “The only thing she has asked us to avoid is lamb. She is the queen of the jungle so was happy to try everything.

“We are sending her five days’ worth of meals – two a day and a breakfast.”

Last month the TV star vowed to start exercising and get fit – but not to get “skinny” but just to feel better in herself.

It comes after the star revealed she’s planning to “move more” as it’s “good for the brain” after unveiling her first ever swimwear collection. with In The Style.

Taking to Instagram, Jac explained that losing weight isn’t her goal but that “she wouldn’t mind it”.

She said: “I’m having those thoughts of I need to start doing a bit for me and I’m going to try and go for walks and maybe do some exercise.

“And no, before everyone pipes up it’s not to necessarily lose weight, I wouldn’t mind it but it is more just to know that you’re doing something.

“Because work-wise I’m feeling really good, I’m busy I’m on the ball and I just want to maintain that and I feel like getting on the ball with it now, it’s got to be done.”

Despite her new goal to get fit, Jac recently admitted she care that she’s no longer a size eight – and is content being a size 12.

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