Jacinda Ardern’s health minister launches a stinging attack on the United Kingdom, calling it “astonishing!”


Jacinda Ardern’s health minister launches a stinging attack on the United Kingdom, calling it “astonishing!”

IN REGARD TO THE COVID-19 epidemic, ONE OF NEW ZEALAND’S TOP HEALTH OFFICERS has launched a stinging attack on the United Kingdom.

Professor Michael Baker, a senior adviser to Jacinda Ardern’s government in New Zealand, has claimed that the UK’s response to the pandemic has been far from ideal. “In New Zealand, we’ve always looked to the UK for leadership, you have a great depth of scientific knowledge, you’ve done incredibly well in vaccine research and roll-out,” Mr Baker told The Citizens.

“And that’s why it’s so astonishing that you’re not even following fundamental public health standards here,” he continued.

“You started with a herd immunity approach, expecting that mass infection with this virus would protect the UK population, which was quickly discovered as a wholly inappropriate disease burden approach.”

“It appears today, curiously, that you’re going back to that method, given how badly it’s failed all around the world,” Mr Baker continued.

“So we’re shocked, as are my New Zealand colleagues, that you’re doing this despite your incredible expertise in the UK.”

The news comes after a number of UK specialists warned Boris Johnson about the dangers of removing all restrictions on so-called “Freedom Day.”

Professor Chris Whitty stated earlier this week that the United Kingdom is still “not out of the woods.”

COVID-19 hospitalizations, he noted, were doubling every three weeks.

“I don’t believe we should overlook the idea that we may get into difficulty again fairly quickly,” Mr Whitty said.

“I believe that just because hospital admissions are low currently does not guarantee that they will remain low in five, six, seven, or eight weeks.

“They have the potential to be pretty serious.”

There were 51,870 new coronavirus infections and 49 deaths on July 16 alone.

The virus has caused 5,332,371 cases and 128,642 fatalities in the United Kingdom.

On July 15, the hospital had 3,964 patients, 551 of whom were on ventilators.


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