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It’s unsurprising Boris Johnson paused lockdown easing – but the Government must not over-react

IT’S a sickener for those affected — but it should be unsurprising that Boris Johnson has paused further easing of the lockdown.

It’s what the Government repeatedly threatened if Covid cases climbed again.

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And that increase is the inevitable trade-off of lifting restrictions to get the country back to work.

Opening offices, pubs and restaurants will spread the virus more, even if everyone wears a mask and socially-distances.

What troubles us is the danger of over-reaction from the Government and Public Health England — and what the goal now is.

We were locked down to “flatten the curve” of new cases, not eliminate them.

Yes, they climbed in July from one in 2,500 of us to one in 1,500, but that remains a tiny risk.

The two most important measures, hospitalisations and deaths, are very low and falling.

We won’t see Covid off without a vaccine. So as long as the threat is still minimal we must live with it — and rely on the better precautions, testing, treatments and NHS capacity we now have.

We cannot surely keep locking down entire regions when cases rise a little.

Lost jobs, ruined businesses and shattered public confidence must be our gravest concern.

And the immediate priority, as the PM says, is ensuring schools reopen in September.

That is crucial. For kids’ education and mental health — and for the economy.

LABOUR’S absurd claim that Rishi Sunak has not grasped the scale of the Covid ­crisis is rank, vacuous opportunism.

It is a naked attempt to win the votes of anyone now laid off, by blaming the Chancellor instead of the pandemic.

Mr Sunak will borrow £350billion this year alone trying to save jobs. It is a staggering, unprecedented sum.

It is ludicrous of rookie shadow chancellor Anneliese Dodds to claim he has “failed to match” the scale of the disaster. Or that he is making a “historic mistake” phasing out the furlough scheme.

How long would Labour pay people to stay at home? What would they borrow? £1trillion? £2trillion? Is there any limit?

It will be years before they put behind them the juvenile idiocy of the Corbyn era.

NO jail term short of life would reflect the wickedness of the three feral thugs who dragged PC Andrew Harper to his death.

But, since he could only sentence for manslaughter, Mr Justice Edis’s sentences were gratifyingly severe.

He considered their crime as bad as murder, or close. They knew they were dragging something behind their car and showed zero remorse that it proved to be a stricken police officer.

They will at least now spend all or most of their 20s behind bars.

Trouble is, the sniggering dimwits will probably enjoy it.

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