‘It’s unbelievable!’ Three Labour MPs are not joining the Conservatives, according to Andy Burnham.


‘It’s unbelievable!’ Three Labour MPs are not joining the Conservatives, according to Andy Burnham.

According to Andy Burnham, despite widespread rumors of a scarper from Starmer’s leadership, LABOUR MPs are not joining the Conservative Party.

The Greater Manchester Mayor was sure that he could never “imagine” that a rumoured three Labour MPs would take such extreme action, dismissing the possibility of a shift in allegiance before reiterating why he is sticking put.

LBC’s Tom Swarbrick questioned Mr Burnham how he would feel if the shock rumours were true.

“I honestly can’t believe it, frankly I can’t!” stated Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham.

Keir has laid out a vision that I believe the party can rally behind.”

During his time at the Conservative convention in his hometown, he emphasised that he hasn’t heard “any hint of that at all.”

“As it has been reported, some of your pals are supposedly putting Kier Starmer on notice that he has a year to produce!” stated Tom Swarbrick.

Mr Burnham retaliated, saying that such MPs are “not allies of mine” if they propose the measures.

He went on to say that he would never say “something as cruel” as what is being published.

Mr Burnham immediately launched into a defense of his own position, adamantly stating to the show’s listeners that he has no intention of resigning as Manchester mayor.

“I am serving a full second term as Mayor of Greater Manchester,” he stated. “I enjoy the job that I’m doing, and I hope that people can see the genuine me in this role.”

“I’m a little freer from Westminster’s restraints, and I’m happier for it.”

“Nothing would persuade me to abandon everything we’re doing here in order to return to Westminster any time soon.”

Due to Sir Keir Starmer’s embattled leadership, three Labour MPs are reported to be on the verge of defecting to the Conservatives.

The three is alleged to have objected to the government’s “open lines of communication.” Conversations are said to have started last week in Brighton during Labour’s annual conference.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the three MPs discussed engineering a transfer of allegiance with Conservative whips.

Conservative MPs and fans have congregated in Manchester for their own party conference, which begins today.


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