‘It’s starting to look nasty!’ After a ‘inadequate’ jab rollout, Germany is facing a winter Covid boom.


‘It’s not looking good!’ After a ‘inadequate’ jab rollout, Germany is facing a winter Covid boom.

An expert has predicted that Germany is experiencing a “exponential spike” in Covid cases as another wave threatens to hit the EU member this winter.

Angela Merkel’s “inadequate” vaccination deployment, according to virologist Christian Drosten, was significantly lower than many other European countries, leaving it exposed to cases rising again. Only 64 percent of the country’s adults are completely vaccinated, compared to 82 percent in the United Kingdom.

He remarked on the NDR-Info podcast “Coronavirus Update” that while case numbers in Germany are now low, they are expected to climb starting next month.

And, according to the German government’s own statistics, the number of Covid cases is already on the rise.

“I believe there are now symptoms of the autumn and winter wave, which we will most likely experience again in October,” Dr. Drosten added.

He predicts a similar pattern to the Covid outbreak that swept the country last autumn.

“We’re heading for an exponential spike again” by the second half of October, he claimed.

He emphasized that the only approach to restrict its severity is to get more people to obtain vaccines, noting that this was a political, not a scientific, task.

“The stats are looking bad,” he said.

Some observers believe the official estimates understate the number of persons who have been vaccinated.

This is “great to wish for,” according to Dr. Drosten, but should not be relied upon when making judgments.

Many people have avoided immunizations due to various conspiracy theories, including claims that they can modify your DNA or implant a tracker in your brain.

This disinformation campaign has been accused of impeding efforts to stop the spread of the virus.

YouTube removed Russian state-backed broadcaster RT’s German-language feeds Wednesday in an effort to curb some of this misinformation.

They had broken the Covid disinformation policy, according to the website.

A spokeswoman for YouTube said, “YouTube has always had clear community guidelines that describe what is allowed on the platform.”

For publishing content that breached RT’s disinformation policy, the German channel received a strike and was suspended for a week.

During the suspension, the Russian broadcaster attempted to avoid the upload ban by using a different channel.

“As a result of infringing YouTube Terms of Service, both channels were terminated,” the representative added.

The Russian government’s media agency, Roskomnadzor, responded by threatening to shut YouTube in Russia if it did not comply. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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