‘It’s on them alone,’ says the narrator. The SNP is furious, claiming that the aging ferry fleet is letting them down.


‘It’s on them alone,’ says the narrator. The SNP is furious, claiming that the aging ferry fleet is letting them down.

The disruptions to the lifeline Caledonian MacBrayne (CalMac) ferry services that run between the mainland of Scotland and 22 of Scotland’s major islands on the west coast have been blamed on the Scottish National Party.

CalMac’s service is experiencing delays and cancellations as a result of one of its aging fleet’s vessels being out of service for at least eight days. Ferries that are part of the taxpayer-owned network of vessels have had to reorganize, with a slew of services canceled to compensate for the loss of the 21-year-old MV Hebrides. The ferries provide a key service to the island residents, who rely on supplies and transportation provided by the vessels.

The problem isn’t expected to be resolved for another week.

On Tuesday, Donald Cameron, a Highlands and Islands Conservative MSP and Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Constitution, External Affairs, and Culture, resorted to Twitter to blame the SNP for the issue.

“The SNP was advised in 2010 that they needed to replace vessels in the ferry fleet on a regular basis to keep the service going,” Mr Cameron wrote.

“It’s in them, and no one else,” he continued.

Many Twitter users used the chance to criticize Scotland’s major political party in response to Mr Cameron’s initial remark.

“No one else to blame but the SNP and those who vote for them,” one individual wrote. Karma.”

“Well said Donald,” remarked another, adding a thumbs-up emoji at the end.

“Pretty soon, because to the SNP’s stupidity, no one in the islands will be eating at all…” stated a third.

“The SNP government of chaos,” a fourth person tweeted, adding an emoji of a clown.

“Everything they’ve been a part of has turned into a shambles. None of them know what they’re supposed to do, let alone how to accomplish it.

“Scotland, wake up.”

Others disagreed, blaming the Westminster government rather than the SNP.

“How about we borrow the new Royal Yacht?” one individual suggested. With the £250 million budgeted for this, I’m confident the entire fleet could be replaced.

“It wouldn’t matter who was in power, the same problems are played out all over the world, but then again, the Tories aren’t they…” added another.

The news came just one day after Nicola Sturgeon took another step forward. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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