‘It’s not the key reason!’ In an HGV row, a French newsreader was left red-faced by a British economist.


‘It’s not the key reason!’ In an HGV row, a French newsreader was left red-faced by a British economist.

After being questioned on Euronews about the ongoing fuel problem in the UK, a British economist claimed that BREXIT was “not the main cause” of the HGV driver shortage.

Professor Jonathan Portes, a British economist, has slammed attempts in the European Union to blame Britain’s shortage of HGV drivers solely on Brexit. The King’s College London professor was called to speak on Euronews, a French news channel, about the present issue in the UK, which is exacerbated by a chronic shortage of lorry drivers to bring fuel to the pumps. According to Professor Portes, Brexit is not the “primary factor” underlying the shortfall.

Jonathan Portes, an economics and public policy professor, told Euronews: “[Brexit] is a contributing factor, but it is not the primary factor.

“Part of the problem with lorry drivers is that it is a European problem.

“It’s partly due to delays in giving licenses, partly due to tax changes, and yes, it’s partly due to Brexit.

“Because we lost a lot of European HGV drivers during the pandemic, and many of them have made the reasonable decision not to return to the UK.”

Tokunbo Salako, the anchor, went on to ask if making European workers feel “unwanted” in the UK was having an effect on other sections of the economy.

Mr Portes, on the other hand, denied this, pointing out that a large number of Europeans have applied for the government’s settlement program.

He stated, ” “That does not bother me in the least.

“Keep in mind that over 6 million people, or over 6 million people, have sought for settled status in the United Kingdom.”

It comes after GB News host Dan Wootton chastised the BBC for blaming the UK’s HGV shortages on Brexit.

According to Mr Wooton, who spoke to GB News, “The global scarcity of HGV drivers has impacted countries all over the world.

“Did you know that?” says the narrator.

If you’ve been watching the BBC, you probably haven’t.

“Or any other left-wing broadcaster seeking in recent days to blame the entire catastrophe on Brexit.

“The facts on the ground simply do not support that.”

He went on to say: “400,000 drivers are needed across Europe, according to the International Road Transport Union, with 40,000 needed in Germany alone, 43,000 in France, and 15,000 in Italy. 63,000 additional drivers are needed in the United States, whereas China requires four million more.

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