‘It’s like I’m on another planet!’ McDonnell humiliates Keir Starmer over the Labour Party’s leadership bid.


‘It’s like I’m on another planet!’ McDonnell humiliates Keir Starmer over the Labour Party’s leadership bid.

FORMER On ITV’s Peston, Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell slammed Sir Keir Starmer for pushing new leadership election procedures ahead of the Labour Party convention this weekend.

In an appearance on ITV’s Peston, John McDonnell criticized Sir Keir Starmer, accusing him of focusing on less essential issues during a moment of crisis in the UK. Mr McDonnell predicted that the upcoming Labour Party conference, which begins on September 25, will be dominated by Sir Keir’s leadership reforms rather than more vital problems. He predicted that Labour supporters will think the party is “living on another planet” as politicians squabble over voting procedures, with some fearing a “civil war” breaking out.

Currently, grassroots Labour members can vote for the party’s leader, with each member receiving one vote.

Sir Keir, on the other hand, wants to dismantle that system and return to the old electoral college system, in which MPs, members, and trade unions each get a third of the vote.

Sir Keir has attracted criticism for the amendment, which would give 400,000 Labour members the same voting power as 199 Labour MPs.

Some unions have also spoken out against the revisions, citing the fact that only union members who have signed up as affiliate Labour supporters are eligible to vote in the leadership elections.

Sir Keir’s proposal would let anyone who pays the political levy on their union dues to vote, potentially allowing hundreds of thousands more people to participate.

Mr McDonnell was asked his opinion on the measures on Robert Peston’s ITV show.

Mr Peston, a former frontbencher who has been an outspoken critic of the reforms, lost no time in blasting Sir Keir, wondering how voters will view the measures in light of the current cost of living issue.

“That’s exactly the point I’ve been trying to make with Keir and the people around him,” he said on the show.

“We need to focus on the issues that touch individuals.

“[Ruth Davidson] was absolutely correct; this Universal Credit cut should not be implemented, and that is what we should be concentrating on.

“Because individuals are going to be in a lot of trouble, and then to deflect…

“I mean, we have our Labour Party conference in three days, and if we spend the first two days of that conference debating the Labour Party’s constitution and regulations, people will think we’re living on a.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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