‘It’s like being first!’ The prince’s memoir has been accused of being motivated by the media’s attention.


‘It’s like being first!’ The prince’s memoir has been accused of being motivated by the media’s attention.

PRINCE According to a royal historian, Harry’s motive for writing his memoirs stems from the “buzz” of being in the spotlight and staying there, rather than any desire for vengeance or getting his point out.

Dr. Tessa Dunlop was not convinced that Prince Harry’s decision to write his memoirs was motivated by anything sinister, believing instead that the royal merely enjoyed being in the spotlight. According to the historian, superstars are constantly attempting to stay relevant and in the public spotlight, with some releasing new works, shows, or looks, and Harry was no exception. While the Duke of Sussex never had to worry about things like this when he was a member of the Prince Family, which has been relevant for many years, Dr. Dunlop believes the royal is slowly realizing that he needs to work hard to stay relevant and profitable.

Dr. Dunlop was joined by Daily Mail Diary Editor Richard Eden on Palace Confidential, who believes the memoirs are simply motivated by vengeance against the Royal Family, adding that Prince Harry is still “angry” over how Princess Diana and Meghan Markle were treated by them.

Dr. Dunlop, on the other hand, was not convinced and expressed her views on the subject.

“I think retribution makes it seem like the sort of baddies and goodies,” she said on the show.

“I believe that’s the result of this distinctive Californian build.

“I wonder if there isn’t a lot of Harry who wants self-validation and enjoys being in the spotlight as well.

“I agree with you; it’s not just about the money; it’s about the prestige; he enjoys it; it’s evident he enjoys being the center of attention; after all, who doesn’t?”

When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s departure was first announced, Dr Dunlop was questioned about their intention to move to America for privacy grounds.

“That was why we took off on our aircraft, to get away from you bunch, but not from America’s great embrace,” she laughed.

“I believe that is bigger for Harry, but the pressure is on them right now – how do you keep the water boiling?”

“Once you’ve reached the pinnacle and want to stay there, every renowned person has this difficulty.

“However, he is no longer a member of the royal family.”

It was declared that Prince Harry will be the heir to the British throne. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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