‘It’s Germany and Poland, too!’ says Redwood, exposing a key discrepancy in the Brexit blame game.


‘It’s Germany and Poland, too!’ says Redwood, exposing a key discrepancy in the Brexit blame game.

BREXITEER John Redwood has highlighted a contradiction in attempts to blame a lorry driver shortage on Britain’s exit from the EU.

John Redwood, a Tory MP, has slammed attempts to blame the UK’s heavy goods vehicle driver shortage on Brexit. Mr Redwood has maintained that a lack of drivers isn’t a Brexit issue, citing similar issues in EU member states like Poland and Germany, as well as the United States. Instead, the MP said that the industry’s crisis was caused by problems with working conditions, training, and retention.

“Not enough people are coming forward because the terms and circumstances aren’t appealing,” Mr Redwood told GB News.

“Employers are also failing to teach enough employees and provide them with the appropriate advancements.

The former cabinet minister continued, “This is not a Brexit issue.”

“Recruiting lorry drivers in Germany is tough since there is a significant lack of lorry drivers in Poland.”

“Lorry drivers are in limited supply in the United States of America,” he continued.

“It’s a broad range of issues.

“A generation of heavy goods vehicle drivers, primarily men, is nearing retirement.

“And business in many different parts of the world has been unable to recruit the younger men and women needed to expand the ranks and meet our insatiable desire for all of this mobility of products required in the modern economy.”

It comes after Julian Jessop, the former Chief Economist and current economics fellow at the Institute of Economic Affairs, told This website that Brexit played only a “little role” in the lorry driver shortage.

“The shortages of HGV drivers are caused by a variety of factors, with Brexit playing only a minor role,” he stated.

“Covid is responsible for the majority of the causes, including a significant drop in the number of driving tests, international travel limitations, and, of course, the ‘pingdemic.’”

“And many other nations, like the rest of Europe, are grappling with a lack of drives as their economies rebound,” Mr Jessop remarked.

He continued, “The government should relax the laws to make it simpler for this sector to hire from abroad.”

“Right now, we have a shortfall of around 100,000 truck drivers,” a representative for the Road Haulage Association stated earlier this month.

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