‘It’s difficult to retain a stiff upper lip!’ A French TV comedy mocks Britain’s gas shortages as a result of Brexit.


‘It’s difficult to retain a stiff upper lip!’ A French TV comedy mocks Britain’s gas shortages as a result of Brexit.

After pictures of petrol station lineups emerged from the UK this week, a FRENCH political TV show leapt at the chance to mock Brexit.

After scenes of gas shortages in the UK, panelists on a famous French TV show mocked Brexit Britain. Panelists on France24’s The World This Week declared that the upheaval in the United Kingdom was “the result of Brexit.” Following the energy crisis, they said that the tide was shifting against Brexiteers, and that people in the UK are “beginning to realise that it was a horrible decision, on reflection.”

“Quite frankly, the passport issue is the least of Britain’s issues at the moment, I think we can reasonably say!” commented Jon Henley, European Affairs Correspondent for The Guardian.

“Like everything else, I’m sure these new border controls will create big lineups at the crossing as people try to figure out the new laws,” Nico Haines of The Daily Beast noted.

“So far, that appears to be the recurring theme of Brexit: enormous lineups everywhere and everything not operating as they should.”

“We don’t have any gasoline, so people are queuing along the street to try to obtain some.”

“There is no food in the stores, and it appears that our massive new freedoms are causing a lot more issues.”

“It’s hard to keep a stiff upper lip when you’re queuing for hours for petrol,” host Francois Picard said.

Time Magazine’s Vivienne Walt, a guest panelist, corrected the panel by stating that Britain was not alone in experiencing gas shortages.

Ms Walt mentioned that there were shortages all around Europe.

“At some point, reality will catch up,” Mr Henley remarked later. With the petrol shortages and food shortages this week, we’ve seen the beginnings of it.

“People will begin to feel the effects on a personal level.” “How much longer will Boris be able to claim that this is unrelated to Brexit?” The British government is finding it nearly impossible to respond to the problem as a result of Brexit.” “More people are admitting that Brexit was a bad idea on consideration,” Mr Haines responded. People will begin to realize that this is a result of Brexit.” Boris Johnson said earlier today that the persistent gasoline shortages and supply chain concerns are the result of a “period of adjustment” following Brexit and the Covid epidemic.

On “Brinkwire Summary News,” Andrew Marr was interviewed.


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