‘It’s complete pandemonium!’ Macron’s frantic attempt to make the French feel guilty about climate change backfires.


‘It’s complete pandemonium!’ Macron’s frantic attempt to make the French feel guilty about climate change backfires.

After promising to “strike a deal” on climate change in response to the current Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, EMMANUEL MACRON was publicly embarrassed by French MPs.

According to the paper, global warming of around 1.1 degrees Celsius has resulted in a slew of changes across the globe, ranging from more severe droughts and storms to rising sea levels. These will all worsen as the world warms, but it is not too late to reduce climate-warming emissions to keep temperature rises to “well below” 2°C, ideally 1.5°C, according to the research, which would help block or slow down some of the effects. “The IPCC report is final,” French President Emmanuel Macron declared in response to the results. Again. Indignation has served its purpose.

“The Paris Agreement, European carbon neutrality, climate law…

“France will continue to support those who take action. Let us conclude an accord equivalent to the urgency in November in Glasgow!”

Generation Frexit leader Charles-Henri Gallois attacked the French president’s statement, saying, “The first measure is to shift production and halt the folly of absolute free trade, which is destroying the world.”

“You were complicit in it even though you did nothing to cause it.

“The EU has been pursuing free trade deals since 2017.”

Japan, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Vietnam, Singapore, Mexico, Chile, Australia, and New Zealand are among the countries represented.

“The number one reason for climate change and worldwide pollution is the free movement of capital enforced by the US and the EU in 1986, with industry relocations from all over the West to Asia,” said Francois Asselineau, UPR leader.

“Macron, who favors this ‘globalisation,’ will achieve nothing.

“Macron’s and all Europeanists’ punitive ecology serves solely to enrich “green firms” and make the French feel bad. However, thanks to our nuclear power, we are the developed country that pollutes the least in the world (greenhouse gases/inhabitant).

“We must move production as near as possible to customers if we are to combat climate change and global pollution.

“Armies must stop causing military conflicts and pollution.

“Promote a more frugal, more honest, more human model of society than excessive consumption and the dominion of money in all spheres (film, fashion, etc.).

Because of the EU, a French vaccine has been declared illegal in France.

“Intensify research efforts on innovative and sustainable energy sources.”

Officials from the United Nations “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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