‘It’s a straight Corbyn rehash!’ Starmer’s £30 billion attempt to destabilize Boris Johnson was brutally exposed.


‘It’s a straight Corbyn rehash!’ Starmer’s £30 billion attempt to destabilize Boris Johnson was brutally exposed.

According to a respected economist, Sir Keir Starmer’s idea for a “Green New Deal” to combat climate change will cost £75,000 each job created.

Labour’s leader has proposed spending £30 billion to create 400,000 new employment in the low-carbon economy.

He claimed that by doing so, the UK will be able to “set an example” in the fight against the current climate disaster.

However, Andy Mayer, the Institute of Economic Affairs’ chief operating officer, said that the cost to the government per job would be tremendous.

“Keir Starmer’s ‘Green New Deal’ is a carbon copy of Jeremy Corbyn’s 2018 promise to ‘kickstart a green jobs revolution,’” he claimed.

“It costs £75k each job ‘created’ to spend £30 billion to ‘create’ 400,000 employment.

“The money to pay for it will almost certainly come from tax increases.

“The Green New Deal is a scheme to provide privileged jobs to a select few at the expense of actual work for the masses.

“It should not be supported by any party that claims to care for working people.”

Before the Cop26 climate meeting in Glasgow later this year, Sir Keir wants Britain to commit to generating thousands of new green jobs.

He cites numbers from the Office for National Statistics showing that between 2014 and 2019, 33,800 jobs in the green sector were destroyed.

Further down the supply chain, Labour claims this cost another 41,400 jobs that were indirectly dependent on the green economy.

“Tackling the climate catastrophe must be at the center of all we do,” Sir Keir said. We’ve arrived at a vital juncture.

“In less than 100 days, Cop26 will be finished, and we will have either grasped or abandoned our chance to keep global warming below 1.5 degrees.

“The United Kingdom must seize this opportunity and lead by example. This necessitates immediate effort to develop excellent, green jobs around the country.

“It also entails a well-thought-out strategy to buy, make, and sell more in the United Kingdom, as well as the creation of excellent, unionized jobs in renewable energy and supply chains.

“Right now, we need genuine action. A Green New Deal is long overdue.”

The 26th United Nations climate change conference, Cop 26, will take place from November 1 to November 12.

It will be held in the United Kingdom and will allow world leaders to assess progress in the fight against climate change.

Mr. Mayer, a vocal proponent of free markets, maintained that market-led innovation is the most effective method to create jobs.

“The only,” he said. “Brinkwire Summary News.”


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