‘It’s a mistake, William,’ the Duke of Cambridge was chastised for following in Charles’ footsteps in politics.


‘It’s a mistake, William,’ the Duke of Cambridge was chastised for following in Charles’ footsteps in politics.

PRINCE WILLIAM has been told that by discussing some themes, he risks becoming like Prince Charles.

Prince William made a mistake, according to GB News commentator Dan Wootton, by criticizing the ongoing space competition between private corporations. Prince William recently spoke with BBC journalist Adam Fleming about climate change and the world’s future. During this interview, the Duke stated that saving the planet should take precedence over space exploration.

Mr Wootton said that the British public did not require Prince William to take the same stance on climate change as his father, Prince Charles.

Prince Charles has a long history of being worried about climate change, dating back to his childhood.

“I’m going to say something that will be unpopular in some quarters,” Mr Hootton stated.

“I am well-known for being a big supporter of the Cambridges.

“However, I believe this is a mistake, and that is not what Prince William should be doing.”

“I believe the man has been flawless in staying clear of tricky political problems throughout his whole career.”

“I believe a Prince Charles Mark 2 is the last thing the Royal Family and Britain require.”

“I believe this is a precarious situation.”

Mr Wootton went on to say that Prince William has so far managed to find a decent balance between speaking out on causes that he cares about and carrying out his royal duties.

“Prince William had been doing so well,” he concluded.

“He’s been quite pro-environment without being anti-things.”

“I believe it is what we require because it does not irritate folks like me.”

During the conversation, Prince William issued several warnings about the Earth’s future and that of future generations.

“Now that I have children of my own, and talking to other parents, you start to see the world in a different light,” he remarked.

“I want the things that I’ve enjoyed – the outdoors, nature, and the environment – to be available to my children, and not just my children, but all children.”

“I want to use my small amount of influence/profile to showcase wonderful people who are truly helping to solve some of these challenges.”


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