‘It’s a club!’ BBC in disarray after Rabbi slams ‘Guardian reading is required!’


‘It’s a club!’ BBC in disarray after Rabbi slams ‘Guardian reading is required!’

A rabbi who was fired from the BBC over an anti-Semitism row accused the corporation of being “a club” of people who read The Guardian this evening.

Rabbi YY Rubinstein claimed that The Guardian is “absolute required reading” in BBC offices, and that those with views other than “left-wing, woke” should look for another job as a “dartboard” in the BBC’s bar.

The shocking allegations come as Rabbi YY Rubinstein resigned from the BBC after the corporation incorrectly accused victims of an anti-semitic attack in central London of using anti-Muslim slurs.

The BBC later retracted its claim that slurs were used, but claimed that one of the victims had used a slur, which is reportedly false.

A group of men hurled anti-Semitic abuse, spitting at, and punching the windows of a bus carrying a Jewish group as they celebrated Chanukah on Oxford Street in November.

Rabbi Rubinstein told GB News on Wednesday that the BBC’s impartiality “is always up for debate” in the United Kingdom, but that the broadcaster is biased.

He claimed that “it’s a club” and that “left-wing” attitudes “are a membership thing” in his 30-years at the Beeb.

“A symbol of membership is absolute required Guardian reading!” the Rabbi observed.

“You see people with their Guardians under their arms wandering around the BBC canteen all the time!”

“You might get away with reading The Times, but if you read The Telegraph, you’re toast; you’re out of a job!” he said.

The Rabbi went on to say that those who disagree with him should look for “new jobs as a dartboard in the BBC bar.”

He said the BBC “certainly has a culture, and the culture is woke, left-wing, and always has been” in a candid assessment.

Rabbi YY Rubinstein said he was “not convinced” about the BBC’s ability to separate “politics from objective reporting” in a further blow to the BBC’s neutrality.

In a letter that he then shared on Facebook, the Rabbi, who contributed to Good Morning Sunday and Thought For The Day, announced his resignation.

He wrote in the letter that the incident’s coverage “was and is inexcusable,” and that “the obfuscation, denial that followed, was and is utterly damning.”

“Brinkwire Summary News,” he said at the end.


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