‘It’s a case of passing the buck!’ After the ‘disgraceful’ mask scheme, Britons lash out at Grant Shapps.


‘It’s a case of passing the buck!’ After the ‘disgraceful’ mask scheme, Britons lash out at Grant Shapps.

After the Government was accused of “passing the buck” on mask-wearing after July 19, Grant Shapps faced a heated backlash from Britons.

After his interview on Sky News this morning, Travel Secretary Grant Shapps was met with a barrage of angry British citizens. Mr Shapps praised Transport for London for their declaration that face masks would be required while taking public transportation. Britons, on the other hand, criticized Mr Shapps and Boris Johnson’s government of delegating responsibility for the coronavirus to corporations.

Many individuals turned to Twitter to argue that the government was looking for someone to blame after agreeing to reduce the legal requirements for wearing masks on public transportation.

“Airlines have already confirmed that you will need to continue wearing masks on there,” Mr Shapps said during his Sky interview.

“I stated that it would be a condition of carriage for a variety of transportation organizations.

“Like TfL, which frequently has overcrowded commuter trains, they might want it as a condition of carriage.

“It’s exactly what we expected, and even hoped would happen.”

Mr Shapps went on to defend the government’s choice not to make wearing masks on public transportation a legal necessity.

“On the other hand, there is no actual reason to wear a mask if you are in a long-distance train and you are the only one on the carriage, it is late in the evening or something,” he said.

“We didn’t want to suggest you were breaking the law by not wearing a mask when wearing one has no benefit.

“This is exactly what we predicted, expected, and predicted would happen.”

Twitter users were quick to express their displeasure with Mr Shapps’ remarks.

“This Government wants someone to blame other than themselves, sorry guys, it’s on us now,” one Twitter user commented.

“You want to look good by removing regulations, but you want business to keep them,” said another.

“So we now have some transportation companies requiring the usage of face masks while others do not, what a foolish regulation by the Government and how confusing for the public,” another remarked.

“You have entirely shifted the buck to the transportation companies,” another wrote angrily.

“When fools refuse to comply because Boris claimed it was over, there will be problems.”


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